Pinyin final: "ai4"

The Pinyin final "ai4" is used in the second half of Pinyin syllables. In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the second half of a Pinyin syllable is always represented by a location. You can visit the Pinyin index to see all Pinyin syllables from this mnemonic group, or to see all Pinyin syllables "ai4" can appear in.

Mnemonics for ai4

In the airplane's bathroom.

Characters with ai4

see 大夫[dai4 fu5]
to exist; to be alive / (of sb or sth) to be (located) at / (used before a verb to indicate an action in progress)

= + + : Zorro (z) and Rosa Luxemburg (亻) exist (在) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). Rosa is in the middle of balancing a flute (一) on her head and on a pile of clay (土). Zorro uses his rapier to inscribe "Z" into the flute, so as to mark that the pronunciation of "在" begins with "z".
outside / in addition / foreign / external

= + : There's a hole in the wall of the airplane's bathroom, and from outside, a bat wants to enter. Willy Walrus is very afraid of bats, so he does his best to hinder the bat from entering with a voodoo staff.
to balance an account / accounting / accountant
to balance an account / accountancy / accounting
variant of 礙|碍[ai4]
highest / greatest / too (much) / very / extremely

= + : Mnemonic symbol: from 太后 [tai4 hou4], the empress dowager. The empress dowager prepares for her reign in the airplane's bathroom (ai4) and has a big robot (大) as well as Tecumseh (t) fan her fresh air with petal leaves (丶).
again; once more; re- / second; another / then (after sth, and not until then) / no matter how ... (followed by an adjective or verb, and then (usually) 也[ye3] or 都[dou1] for emphasis)

= + : Zorro finally received the flute he was waiting for so long in the airplane's bathroom. He is so moved that he cries 再见 again and again and waves the mail snail goodbye with a handkerchief.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a crystal ball which will decide for you.

= + : Gitta Giraffe assumed the throne in the airplanes bathroom. Now she has to decide which tool she will use to enforce her decisions. She asks a crystal ball whether she should use a classical sickle or a rather modern robot.
rapid / quick / speed / rate / soon / almost / to make haste / clever / sharp (of knives or wits) / forthright / plainspoken / gratified / pleased / pleasant

= + : Karl Koala made the mistake to have asked the crystal ball in the airplane's bathroom about his future. After he has seen his fate he quickly and angrily destroys the crystal ball with a flail.
to love; to be fond of; to like / affection / to be inclined (to do sth); to tend to (happen)

= + 𠂇 : Mnemonic symbol: A pair of swans who are in love.

= + 𠂇 : Albert Einstein hurt himself with a pair of scissors in the airplane's bathroom. He's already laying on a stretcher carried by two swans who are deeply in love with each other, being transported to the next hospital. A hospital... of love.
allotment to a feudal noble
dish (type of food) / vegetable / cuisine / CL:盤|盘[pan2],道[dao4] / (coll.) (one's) type / (of one's skills etc) weak / poor

= + : The King oh Chu (c) is busy preparing a dish (菜) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). He is using two plectrums (采) to pluck out parts of a mat of artificial lawn (艹).
12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m., 10th solar month (7th November-6th December), year of the Boar / ancient Chinese compass point: 330°

= + + : Hamlet is terribly afraid by a beret-wearing boar in the airplane's bathroom, but fortunately Neanderthal man is there to protect him and to fight of the boar with a huge fake nose.

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: a boar.
bad / spoiled / broken / to break down / (suffix) to the utmost

= + : In the airplane's bathroom, there is a clear sign that it is forbidden to enter the room with dirty feet. Helga Horse is quite spoiled though, so she enters right after she went to the muddy stables and spreads dirt all around.
lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / (coll.) classifier for money and currency units

= + : Karl Koala let the crystal ball drop in the airplane's bathroom. He collected all the pieces and fixed them together again using nothing but dirt. After he asks the crystal ball whether or not everything is okay, the crystal ball replies that Karl is a piece of shit.
variant of 丐[gai4]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a beggar from ancient Egypt. The beggar from ancient Egypt (匃) found work as an elephant (勹) rider. He rides his elephant through the airplane's bathroom (ai4) while the elephant carries a sarcophagus (亾) with his trunk. He doesn't know that Guy Fawkes (g) secretly sneaked into the sarcophagus to hitch a ride.
to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt

= + + : Mahatma Gandhi (m) wants to get rid of his worldly possessions and sets up a flea market in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). He displays a cross (十), a sickle (㇖) and a skull (头) which he wants to sell (卖), so he attached price tags to all of them.
band / belt / girdle / ribbon / tire / area / zone / region / CL:條|条[tiao2] / to wear / to carry / to take along / to bear (i.e. to have) / to lead / to bring / to look after / to raise

= + + : Don Quixote purchased thirty cooking tops in the airplane's bathroom to build new armor out of them. Now the question is: how does he get them home? Finally he has a good idea: He spreads out a towel on the floor, stacks the thirty cooking tops as a pyramid and pulls the towel with a belt. It works! This way he can bring them back to his place.
(bound form) / appearance / shape / form / state / attitude / (grammar) voice

= + : The empress dowager (太) asks Tecumseh (t) about his attitude (态) towards her in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). Tecumseh isn't sure himself and samples his hearts (心) on a scale from 1 to 10 with one bin per integer. After N is large enough, he sees that his attitude forms a Gaussian distribution (态) with a mean of 6.