Pinyin initial: "sh"

The Pinyin initial "sh" is used in the first half of Pinyin syllables. In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, "sh" belongs to the group of Pinyin initials which are represented in mnemonics by men. You can visit the Pinyin index to see all Pinyin syllables from this mnemonic group, or to see all Pinyin syllables "sh" can appear in.

Mnemonics for sh

Sh is for Sherlock Holmes.

Characters with sh

spoon / ladle / CL:把[ba3] / abbr. for 公勺[gong1 shao2], centiliter (unit of volume)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: as 勺 should not be confused with 匕 (ladle), the mnemonic symbol for 勺 is a small silver spoon.

Sherlock Holmes (sh) feeds an elephant (勹) medicine in the aorta's kitchen (ao2). The medicine looks like a petal leaf (丶), and Sherlock Holmes uses a small silver spoon (勺) to feed it to the elephant.
ten / 10

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a holy cross. Sherlock Holmes (sh-) is investigating a very strange thing he found in the kitchen of the space station (-2): A big pyramid made of ten (十) crosses (十), which are in turn made out of flutes (一) and dinosaur bones (丨).
to be (followed by substantives only) / correct; right; true / (respectful acknowledgement of a command) very well / (adverb for emphatic assertion)

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: a skull, from "to be or not to be".

Sherlock Holmes (sh) watches the Neanderthal Man (人) trying to climb to the sun (日) on a ladder (下) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). Sherlock is afraid that he'll open the window, so he puts on a big skull (是) and scares him off.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a skull, from "to be or not to be".

Sherlock Holmes (sh) starts his day in the space station's bathroom (Ø4) with a mug of coffee (旦). Holding a skull (mnemonic symbol for 是) in his hands, he asks himself "to be, or not to be" (是). He wonders if he can make the skull come back to life using lots of coffee, and injects coffee from his mug into the skull using a syringe (龰).
variant of 是[shi4] / (used in given names)
old variant of 上[shang4]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a 90 degree corner clamp, because in mathematics the 丄 symbol denotes a perpendicular connection. Sherlock Holmes (sh) is renovating the anglepods bathroom (ang4) and joining a flute (一) to the top (丄) of a dinosaur bone (丨) using a 90 degree angle clamp (丄).
(bound form) up; upper; above; previous / first (of multiple parts) / to climb; to get onto; to go up / to attend (class or university) / (directional complement) up / (noun suffix) on; above

= + : Sherlock Holmes (sh) investigates a mysterious murder in the anglepod's bathroom (ang4). Somebody has been killed while using the golden squat toilet. He finds a mysterious apparatus on top (上) of it, and breaks it open using a dinosaur bone (丨). As the apparatus breaks, he finds the murderer's weapon: The dinosaur bone is sticking in a capacitor (二), which has been hooked up to the golden squat toilet to kill the victim using the lethal electric charge.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: as in the movie "Up", someone will be using lots of balloons to send something on a long journey. Sherlock Holmes (sh) prepares to take off in the anglepod's bathroom (ang4). He fixed a lot of balloons (上) to a flute (一), on which he plans to sit during his journey. At this moment the flute is only held back by the 90 degree corner clamp (丄) which is fixing it to the ground.
used in 上聲|上声[shang3 sheng1]
hog / swine

= + 𧰨 : The swine is riding Sherlock Holmes in the space station.
to be born / to give birth / life / to grow / raw / uncooked / student

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a cradle.

Sherlock Holmes (sh) comforts a crying baby bull (牛) in a cradle (生) in front of the engine ((e)ng1) and plays him a tune on a flute (一).
surname Shan
mountain / hill / anything that resembles a mountain / CL:座[zuo4] / bundled straw in which silkworms spin cocoons / gable

= + : Mnemonic symbol: 山 looks like the tip of a fork. Sherlock Holmes (sh) is climbing a mountain (山) in front of the anthill (an1). He uses a dinosaur bone (〡) as walking stick, and to have better grip he attached a fork (山) to its tip. Unfortunately he accidentally sticks the fork into a receptacle (凵) on the ground of the mountain and gets shocked.
head / chief / first (occasion, thing etc) / classifier for poems, songs etc

= + : In the outhouse, the chief lends his piece pipe to Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock smokes some weed in the pipe and looks at himself in a hand mirror, thinking that he's uber cool and that he'd pass as a quite formidable chief himself.
matter / thing / item / work / affair / CL:件[jian4],樁|桩[zhuang1],回[hui2]

= 𠮛 + + : Sherlock Holmes read a magic scroll in the bathroom of the space station. The scroll promised eternal love to anyone who reads it and wears a pig's nose while doing so, and Sherlock gave it a try. Now he summoned the thing, and he is scared to death! All he has to defend with is a crowbar. However, he never was in danger: Since he is wearing the pig snout, the thing thinks Sherlock is his mommy, and it just wants to cuddle.

= 𠮛 + + : Mnemonic symbol: The thing.
surname Shi
o'clock / time / when / hour / season / period

= + : The sun asks Sherlock Holmes out for a coffee just inside the entrance of the space station. Looking at his pocket watch, Sherlock sees he has time, winks and "thumbs up".

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a giant pocket watch.
old variant of 時|时[shi2]
hand / (formal) to hold / person engaged in certain types of work / person skilled in certain types of work / personal(ly) / convenient / classifier for skill / CL:雙|双[shuang1],隻|只[zhi1]

Mnemonic symbol: a baseball glove. Sherlock Holmes (sh) is trying out his new baseball glove (手) in the outhouse's living room (ou3).
body / life / oneself / personally / one's morality and conduct / the main part of a structure or body / pregnant / classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset / Kangxi radical 158

= + 丿 : Mnemonic symbol: a bodysuit.

= + 丿 : Sherlock Holmes tries on his new bodysuit in front of the encampment. To see himself better in his hand mirror, he uses a banana as a selfie stick.
few / less / to lack / to be missing / to stop (doing sth) / seldom

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: 少 looks like a smiley face. There's a food shortage (少) in the aorta, and Sherlock Holmes (sh) and Smiley (少) are looking for food in the living room (ao3). There's only one banana (丿) left. Soon they'll have to eat the many daisies (小) which are growing there.