Pinyin initial: "z"

The Pinyin initial "z" is used in the first half of Pinyin syllables. In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, "z" belongs to the group of Pinyin initials which are represented in mnemonics by men. You can visit the Pinyin index to see all Pinyin syllables from this mnemonic group, or to see all Pinyin syllables "z" can appear in.

Mnemonics for z

Z is for Zorro.

Characters with z

to exist; to be alive / (of sb or sth) to be (located) at / (used before a verb to indicate an action in progress)

= + + : Zorro (z) and Rosa Luxemburg (亻) exist (在) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). Rosa is in the middle of balancing a flute (一) on her head and on a pile of clay (土). Zorro uses his rapier to inscribe "Z" into the flute, so as to mark that the pronunciation of "在" begins with "z".
(noun suffix)
son / child / seed / egg / small thing / 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat / Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4] / ancient Chinese compass point: 0° (north) / subsidiary / subordinate / sub-

= + : Zorro wants to eat an egg in the space station, and he already put it in a prize cup, as he has no egg cup. He also lacks a spoon, so he uses a big flute to crush the egg open.
self / oneself / from / since / naturally / surely

= + : A hand mirror, which someone uses to look at her- or himself. The Eye of Providence is looking at itself in a handheld mirror in the space station's bathroom. It think it's indeed looking very good, since Zorro attached a petal leaf to its eyes.
letter / symbol / character / word / CL:個|个[ge4] / courtesy or style name traditionally given to males aged 20 in dynastic China

= + : Zorro got a new task from mission control: he is to have an egg standing on its tip. Zorro thinks smart and remembers the egg of Columbus, so he puts the egg in a graduation cap as egg cup and ditches one end of the egg with a huge printing letter. Unfortunately the egg wasn't boiled and there is no gravity, so he messes up the whole bathroom. Mission control can't stop laughing since all they wanted was to fool Zorro into this trick.
to walk / to go / to run / to move (of vehicle) / to visit / to leave / to go away / to die (euph.) / from / through / away (in compound verbs, such as 撤走[che4 zou3]) / to change (shape, form, meaning)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a Nordic walking pole. Zorro (z) is fighting Neanderthal Man (bottom of 龰) in the outhouse's living room (ou3). Neanderthal Man uses his pennant (top of 龰), and Zorro uses a Nordic walking pole (走). Zorro overcomes Neanderthal Man by using a dirty trick: he throws some dirt (土) at Neanderthal Mans face, who is blinded and hurts his foot with his pennant (the pennant pierces his foot: 龰). Just at this moment Zorro uses the opportunity to sedate Neanderthal Man and rams a syringe (龰) into his shoulder.
again; once more; re- / second; another / then (after sth, and not until then) / no matter how ... (followed by an adjective or verb, and then (usually) 也[ye3] or 都[dou1] for emphasis)

= + : Zorro finally received the flute he was waiting for so long in the airplane's bathroom. He is so moved that he cries 再见 again and again and waves the mail snail goodbye with a handkerchief.
early / morning / Good morning! / long ago / prematurely

= + : Mnemonic symbol: your very own annoying alarm clock going off in the morning.
variant of 匝[za1]

= + : Zorro found a dinosaur bone in front of the ashram. He thinks that this is what whole living dinosaurs actually looked like, so he puts it on a towel and uses a flute as a cushion so that one end is slightly lifted. Then he tries to revive the dinosaur bone with a defibrillator.

= + : Zorro (z) built a racing circuit (匝) in front of the ashram (a1) by connecting two freeway ramps (匝). After the racing training he keeps his racehorse in a metal box (匚) and wipes the sweat from his face and from his horse with a towel (巾).

= + : Mnemonic symbol from circuit -> defibrillator, because it is used to short circuit the heart.

= + : Zorro wakes up in the encampment and can't remember how he even got there. Slowly, as he touches his head, he realizes that he has a Mohawk haircut now and almost gets a heart attack. His heart is pumping so hard as if it wanted to jump out of his chest. How on earth could this have happened???
duty / responsibility / to reproach / to blame

= + : Zorro and the crab started a party in the elevator's kitchen. They wear funny hats and have lots of booze, but they are responsible drinkers and know when they have had enough.
viscera / (anatomy) organ
dirty / filthy / to get (sth) dirty

= + : Zorro (z) and the moon (月) are mud wrestling in the farmstead's (庄) dung hill in front of the anglepod (ang1). Consequently they are very dirty (脏).

= + : Zorro (z) wants to take a bath (澡) in the aorta (ao3). He set up a big bathtub and fills it with water from water bottles (氵). He also set up a modified cuckoo's clock (喿) in the bathtub which measures the temperature and volume of the water. As the water is just right a cuckoo jumps out of the clock and tells Zorro that it's bath time (澡).
see 咱[zan2]
variant of 咱[zan2]

= + : Just inside the anthill's kitchen (an2) Zorro (z) is looking into a hand mirror (自) and declares: "You and I (咱), my dear friend, are really looking like two mandarins (口)!"
variant of 咱[zan2]

= + : Just inside the anthill's kitchen (an2) Zorro (z) is looking into a hand mirror (自) and declares: "You and I (咱), my dear friend, are really looking like two mandarins (口)!"
I or me / we (including both the speaker and the person spoken to)

= + : Just inside the anthill's kitchen (an2) Zorro (z) is looking into a hand mirror (自) and declares: "You and I (咱), my dear friend, are really looking like two mandarins (口)!"
number 20 of the 28 constellations 二十八宿, approx. Orion 獵戶座|猎户座
surname Zeng