outside / in addition / foreign / external

= + : There's a hole in the wall of the airplane's bathroom (ai4), and from outside (外), a bat (夕) wants to enter. Willy Walrus (w) is very afraid of bats, so he does his best to hinder the bat from entering with a voodoo staff (卜).

外 character breakdown

surname Bu
(bound form) to divine / to forecast or estimate / (of a place to live etc) to choose

= + : Mnemonic symbol from "to divine" and the shape of the character: a voodoo staff.

Bruno Bear (bu-) tries to divine (卜) the future in the space station's living room (Ø3). He places a petal (丶) in the middle of the room as an offering and starts a magic ritual with his voodoo staff (卜). The staff transforms the petal into a dinosaur bone (丨). Bruno divines that the staff was trying to tell him that all things are mortal and must come to an end.
dusk / evening / Taiwan pr. [xi4]

Mnemonic symbol: this character looks a bit like a bat, and bats come out of their caves at dusk. I could see the upper left 丿 as part of the bat's right wing, ㇇ as the body/head and 丶 as the eye of the bat.

Xi Shi (xi) goes out for a space walk in front of the space station (Ø1) in the evening (夕), where she observes a space bat.
see 蘿蔔|萝卜[luo2 bo5]

Characters with 外 as component

外 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 外

see 桃花源[tao2 hua1 yuan2]
Sino-foreign / Chinese-foreign / home and abroad
not beyond the scope of / nothing more than
no use to tell others / let's keep this between ourselves (idiom)
abbr. for 上海外國語大學|上海外国语大学[Shang4 hai3 Wai4 guo2 yu3 Da4 xue2]
not exposed / concealed from view

Sentences with 外