can (i.e. have the skill, know how to) / likely to / sure to / to meet / to get together / meeting / gathering / union / group / association / a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3])

= + : Helga horse is almost fainting when she enters the Eiffel Tower's bathroom. Neanderthal man is giving off an extraordinarily smelly cloud. She didn't even think that this was possible at all.
to balance an account / accountancy / accounting
to balance an account / accounting / accountant

会 character breakdown

(classical) to say
surname Yun / abbr. for Yunnan Province 雲南省|云南省[Yun2 nan2 Sheng3]
cloud / CL:朵[duo3]

= + : Yu the Great (yu) had a little accident in the encampment's kitchen ((e)n2). She blew up her capacitor (二), and now there's smoke (云) everywhere. To be able to breathe, she puts on her fake nose (厶).
person; people / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: Neanderthal Man (人). Robinson Crusoe (r-) is looking for snacks in the encampment's kitchen (-en2) when he suddenly spots Neanderthal Man (人). Neanderthal Man offers him a banana (丿), but Robinson Crusoe doesn't trust the present and pokes it with a finger (㇏).

Characters with 会 as component

to draw / to paint

= + : Helga Horse (hu) invested in a silk worm (纟) painting (绘) which she stored with an accountant (会) in the Eiffel Tower's bathroom (ei4). She has the accountant depict (绘) hoch much it is worth every Monday.
Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis) / coffin lid decoration (old) / Taiwan pr. [kuai4]
Japanese variant of 繪|绘
to flourish / luxuriant growth
chopped meat or fish
to amputate / to cut off / also pr. [kuai4]
to braise / to cook in soy and vinegar / braised / cooked in soy and vinegar
to braise / to cook (rice etc) with vegetables, meat and water
(interjection) hey
throat / to swallow
surname Kuai
drain / stream
surname Kuai / name of a feudal state
see 鱠魚|鲙鱼[kuai4 yu2] / variant of 膾|脍[kuai4]
crafty / cunning

Words with 会

a moment / a while / in a moment / / also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
a moment / a while / in a moment / also pr. [yi1 hui3]
improbable / unlikely / will not (act, happen etc) / not able / not having learned to do sth / (coll.) (Tw) don't mention it / not at all
World Expo (abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会[Shi4 jie4 Bo2 lan3 hui4])
World Exposition / abbr. for 世界博覽會|世界博览会[Shi4 jie4 Bo2 lan3 hui4], World Expo
to pick up (a skill) in a very short time / to take to sth like a duck to water
to ignore / to brush off / to dismiss / to pay no attention to
serves you right for doing sth so stupid (Internet slang)
World Expo / abbr. to 世博[Shi4 bo2]
a short time / a little while
third plenum of a national congress of the Chinese Communist Party
Three-Self Patriotic Movement, PRC government-sanctioned Protestant church from 1949
Three-Self Patriotic Movement, PRC government-sanctioned Protestant church from 1949

Sentences with 会