to do harm to / to cause trouble to / harm / evil / calamity

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: Calamity Jane.

Hamlet has just graduated from high school and his still wearing his graduation cap, but Calamity Jane locked him in a golden cage in the airplane's bathroom because she envies him so much. She even gave him no food so far and teases him with a mandarin.

害 character breakdown

luxuriant / buxom / variant of 豐|丰[feng1] / variant of 風|风[feng1] / appearance / charm
mouth / classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc) / classifier for bites or mouthfuls

Mnemonic symbol: 口 shall be represented by a mandarin. Karl Marx (k-) is enjoying a mandarin in the outhouse's living room (ou3).
"roof" radical (Kangxi radical 40), occurring in 家, 定, 安 etc, referred to as 寶蓋|宝盖[bao3 gai4]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: the strokes of this character look like a graduation cap (宀). Marilyn Monroe (mi-) wants to go to the anthill after her graduation from university. In the anthill's kitchen (an2), her friends snatch away her graduation cap (宀), and instead put a cooking top (冖) and a petal leaf (丶) on her head.
surname Feng
abundant / plentiful / fertile / plump / great

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a luxurious golden cage.

Frankenstein's Monster has been locked into a golden cage in front of the engine. The golden cage is suspended from a dinosaur bone, which in turn is fixed to a coordinate system.

Characters with 害 as component

linchpin (used to fasten a wheel to an axle) / (bound form) to govern; to have jurisdiction over
to govern / to control / having jurisdiction over / linchpin of a wheel (archaic) / noise of a barrow

= + : Marie Curie (xi) and Calamity Jane (害) are ruling the country (辖) from their cabriolet (车) as they drive out of the ashram's kitchen (a2).
to cut / to cut apart

= + : Calamity Jane (害) wants to castrate (割) Guy Fawkes (刂) with a kitchen knife (刂) in front of the elevator (e1).
open; clear; liberal-minded; generous / to exempt; to remit
opening / stake all / sacrifice / crack / slit
clear / open / exempt (from) / liberal-minded
to play Chinese finger-guessing game
blind / groundlessly / foolishly / to no purpose

= + : Calamity Jane (害) surprises the Eye of Providence (目) for no specific reason (瞎) in front of the ashram (a1) by blinding (瞎) it from behind with her hands. The Eye of Providence takes a wild guess (瞎) and exclaims that it must be Marie Curie (xi) blinding him, which makes Calamity Jane very jealous.
exclamation of regret
used in 搳拳[hua2 quan2]

Words with 害

to injure / to harm
public hazard, nuisance
to offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven / outrageous acts
(agriculture) freezing injury
see 不知好歹[bu4 zhi1 hao3 dai3]
the unfortunate injured (party) / a victim
don't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flowery speech to the detriment of what you want to say
light pollution (Tw)
don't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flowery speech to the detriment of what you want to say

Sentences with 害