surname Zeng
once / already / ever (in the past) / former / previously / (past tense marker used before verb or clause)

= + + + : Mnemonic symbol: I think 曾 just looks like a firefly, with the head (with two feelers) at the top and the glowing body at the bottom.

The firefly is selling aloe vera out of a big wooden box in the kitchen of the Erechtheion. With a big microphone it is advertising the aloe. As it sees a mean crocodile and the King of Chu starting a big fight for the aloe, the firefly is very excited and states that it has never ever seen something like this before.
great- (grandfather, grandchild etc)

曾 character breakdown

"eight" component in Chinese characters / archaic variant of 八[ba1]

Mnemonic symbol: a crocodile with mean eyes. Beelzebub (b) is fighting with eight crocodiles (丷) in front of the ashram (a1).
one of the characters used in kwukyel, an ancient Korean writing system

Mnemonic symbol: a plastic enclosure. Willy Walrus (w) is keeping frozen fish in an enclosure (囗) in the Eiffel Tower's kitchen (ei2).
to speak / to say

= + : Yu the Great is selling flutes in front of the elevator. She has a whole box of them, and she's advertising them by using a microphone.
surname Tian
field / farm / CL:片[pian4]

= + : Mother Teresa (ti) wants to plant a field of crosses (田) just inside the anthill's kitchen (an2). She ordered a wooden box (囗) with crosses (十) inside and puts them up one by one.
Character component without intrinsic meaning

Mnemonic symbol: ⺌ looks a bit like an aloe vera plant. Marie Curie planted aloe vera plants in the aorta's living room.
eight; 8

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: eight-ball. Beelzebub (b-) is balancing two eight-balls in front of the ashram (-a1): One on a banana (丿) and one on a finger (㇏).

Characters with 曾 as component

to balance an account / accountancy / accounting
to balance an account / accounting / accountant
can (i.e. have the skill, know how to) / likely to / sure to / to meet / to get together / meeting / gathering / union / group / association / a moment (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [hui3])

= + : Helga horse is almost fainting when she enters the Eiffel Tower's bathroom. Neanderthal man is giving off an extraordinarily smelly cloud. She didn't even think that this was possible at all.
to increase / to expand / to add

= + : In front of the engine ((e)ng1) some fireflies (曾) are busy increasing (增) the height of the hill on which engine rests by piling up dirt (土) so that it counts as a mountain. Zorro (z) came to interview them but since they are so tiny they need to use an amplifier (增) so that Zorro can hear what they are saying.
(bound form) to increase; to augment; to add to
to give as a present / to repel / to bestow an honorary title after death (old)

= + : In engine's bathroom ((e)ng4) Zorro (z) is giving a firefly (曾) to the crab (贝) as a present (赠), and the crab promptly eats the firefly.
(bound form) Buddhist monk (abbr. for 僧伽[seng1 qie2])

= + : In front of the engine ((e)ng1) Rosa Luxemburg (亻) is playing a game of sheepshead with Socrates, the firefly and the monk. She is in a team with the firefly (曾) playing against Socrates (s) and the monk (僧).
to rub against / to walk slowly / (coll.) to freeload
to tie / to bind
surname Zeng
silk fabrics
surname Zeng / Zhou vassal state / also pr. [Ceng2]

Words with 曾

hasn't yet / hasn't ever
déjà vu (the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time) / seemingly familiar / apparently already acquainted
Zeng Guofan (1811-1872), Qing dynasty politician and military man
great-grandmother (mother's grandmother)
great-grandfather (mother's grandfather)
Zengzi (505-435 BC), student of Confucius, presumed editor or author of Confucian classic the Great Learning 大學|大学[Da4 xue2]
Zeng Xiaogu (1873-1937), actor and pioneer of Chinese drama in New Culture style
did I ever ...? (or "did he ever ...?" etc)
Zeng Shen (505-435 BC), a.k.a. 曾子[Zeng1 zi3], student of Confucius, presumed editor or author of Confucian classic the Great Learning 大學|大学[Da4 xue2]

Sentences with 曾