eight; 8

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: eight-ball. Beelzebub (b-) is balancing two eight-balls in front of the ashram (-a1): One on a banana (丿) and one on a finger (㇏).

八 character breakdown

radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 4) / see 撇[pie3]

Pocahontas (pi-) is eating a banana (丿) in the elevator's living room (-e3).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

This one looks like a finger.

Characters with 八 as component

small / tiny / few / young

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a small daisy. 小 looks like the stem 亅 of the flower is pushing aside the earth 八 as it grows out of the seed in the ground. Marie Curie (xi) is researching the inner structure of the eight-ball (八) in the aorta's living room (ao3). To this end, the accelerates an eight-ball by hitting it with a crowbar (亅) so that it hits another eight-ball at high speed. As the two eight-balls collide, a lot of daisies (小) are generated from the released energy, only to decay again a few moments later.
(bound form) tree / (bound form) wood / unresponsive; numb; wooden
surname Mu
tree / wood / coffin / wooden / simple / numb / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a Christmas tree. Malte Monkey is putting up a Christmas tree (木) in the bathroom of the space station (Ø4). He's using a cross (十) as a base to put the tree on, and decorates the tree with eight-balls (八).
to divide; to separate / to distribute; to allocate / to distinguish (good and bad) / (bound form) branch of (an organization); sub- (as in 分局[fen1 ju2]) / fraction / one tenth (of certain units) / unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm / minute (unit of time) / minute (angular measurement unit) / a point (in sports or games) / 0.01 yuan (unit of money)

= + : Symbol for this character: A stopwatch (from the meaning "minute"). Frankenstein's monster participates in the annual championship of chopping eightballs in front of the encampment. Using a cleaver, he chops as many eightballs as he can in one minute.
part / share / ingredient / component
his / her / its / their / that / such / it (refers to sth preceding it)

= + : Looks like a watchtower. The Queen of Hearts is on lookout on the watchtower just inside the space station's entrance. The Eye of Providence helps her to look out for intruders. They also spread some eight balls for possible intruders to trip on.
six / 6

= + : 666 is the number of the Beast, so I'll represent 六 in other character's mnemonics as the Beast. Li Qingzhao is balancing a beret on an eight ball in the outhouse's bathroom, but suddenly the Beast appears and blasts it all.
surname Bei
cowrie / shellfish / currency (archaic)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a crab. In the Eiffel Tower's bathroom (ei4), the Neanderthal man (人) and Beelzebub (b) are fighting a crab with staplers (⺆), but because the Neanderthal man (人) can't handle the stapler he accidentally staples himself in the forehead.
tool / device / utensil / equipment / instrument / talent / ability / to possess / to have / to provide / to furnish / to state / classifier for devices, coffins, dead bodies

= + + : The eye of providence broke his flute and his eight ball. Luckily, Zeus has a tool box, and he helps the eye of providence to fix his flute and eight ball in the space station's bathroom.

Words with 八

lively discussion with everybody talking at once
at sixes and sevens / perturbed state of mind / in a mess
see 七上八下[qi1 shang4 ba1 xia4]
see 七嘴八舌[qi1 zui3 ba1 she2]
(idiom) with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically)
misshapen / crooked / uneven (idiom)
lit. various cuts and deductions (idiom) / fig. greatly reduced / substantially scaled back
assembled at random / a motley collection
Shanghai Incident of 28th January 1932, Chinese uprising against Japanese quarters of Shanghai

Sentences with 八

dài dà
wáng wang wàng
mò wàn
le liǎo liào
Our great King has already flown 54,000 km.