small / tiny / few / young

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a small daisy. 小 looks like the stem 亅 of the flower is pushing aside the earth 八 as it grows out of the seed in the ground.

Xi Shi (xi) is decorating her hair with lots of small (小) daisies (mnemonic symbol for 小) in the aorta's living room (ao3). She wants to have lots of daisies in the future as well, so she plants new daisies. She found that the perfect substrate for planting daisies is made by crushing eight-balls (八) with a crow bar (亅).

小 character breakdown

"vertical stroke with hook" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 6) / see also 豎鉤|竖钩[shu4 gou1]

Mnemonic symbol: 亅 looks like a crowbar. Zeus (ju) is bored and presses all the buttons next to the elevator kitchen's (e2) door with his crowbar (亅).
eight; 8

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: an eight-ball.

Beelzebub (b-) wants to find new ways to lure people into playing pool billiard. To this end he is meditating on top of an eight-ball (八) in front of the Ashram (a1). He uses a finger (㇏) and a banana (丿) as incense to create the right atmosphere.

Characters with 小 as component

one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "pin"), an ancient Korean writing system

= + : Let's say this is a sewage pipe which sticks out of the floor. The horizontal line is the floor level, and 小 below it represents the stuff in the earth.
to learn / to study / to imitate / science / -ology

= + + : Xu Xian wants to study scienceology and learn more about daisies. Just inside the elevator's kitchen, he put some daisies into a prize cup and covered them with a cooking top. He wants to study the growth rate of the daisies depending on the pH of the water in the prize cup.
fine silk / Kangxi radical 120

= + : In the space station's bathroom, Marilyn Monroe uses zero gravity to fulfill her lifelong dream of flying on a carpet like Aladdin. In the space station she doesn't have a carpet, but she has a large ace on which she sits. She uses a silken scarf as a turban, and she holds a daisy in her hand as magic wand.
east / host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest) / landlord

= + : Doggy Dog wants to build a model of the Pudong Oriental Pearl Tower in front of the engine. He has a model tower as guide, and a seven-branched laser sword as well as a daisy as building blocks.
surname Dong

= + : Doggy Dog wants to build a model of the Pudong Oriental Pearl Tower in front of the engine. He has a model tower as guide, and a seven-branched laser sword as well as a daisy as building blocks.
always / ever / often / frequently / common / general / constant

= + + : Charlie Chaplin is fighting his way through anglepod's underbrush with a coat hanger. The anglepod has not been visited in a hundred years, and with his coat hanger, Charlie Chaplin has to cut down a lot of daisies. Finally he found what he was looking for: the centennial light, protected from the daisies and the rain by a cooking top.

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: the centennial light, a light bulb which will shine forever and ever.
surname Chang
abbr. for Beijing / surname Jing / Jing ethnic minority
capital city of a country / big / algebraic term for a large number (old) / artificial mound (old)

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: Beijing is China's capital, and a characteristic landmark of Beijing is the building called the underpants. Joan of Arc (ji) is trying out Beijing's large underpants (京) in front of the engine ((e)ng1). The underpants have a nice pattern consisting of paintings of berets (亠), mandarins (口) and daisies (小).
few / less / to lack / to be missing / to stop (doing sth) / seldom

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: 少 looks like a smiley face. There's a food shortage (少) in the aorta, and Sherlock Holmes (sh) and Smiley (少) are looking for food in the living room (ao3). There's only one banana (丿) left. Soon they'll have to eat the many daisies (小) which are growing there.
to show / to reveal

= + : A standard or guidon, as used in the military. Sherlock Holmes tries out his new guidon in the space station's bathroom. The standard features a capacitor and a daisy.

Words with 小

to be a little bit careless / to have a moment of inattentiveness
to be a little bit careless; to have a moment of inattentiveness
to not bother about trifles (idiom)
(last line of the poem 望岳 by Tang poet Du Fu 杜甫[Du4 Fu3]) with one look I shall see all the smaller mountains down below (from the summit of Mt Tai 泰山[Tai4 Shan1]) / (fig.) awe-inspiring view from a very high place
(Tw) (vulgar) what the hell? (from Taiwanese 啥潲, Tai-lo pr. [siánn-siâ], equivalent to Mandarin 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])
female escort / bar girl
lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom) / fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children / sandwich generation
case insensitive / not distinguishing capitals from lowercase letters
a small part / a small section

Sentences with 小