surname Shang
still / yet / to value / to esteem

= + : Mnemonic symbol: 和尚, a buddhist monk.

Sherlock Holmes (sh) assumed his new post inside of the anglepod's bathroom (ang4) at the border control checkpoint (冋). His first client is a buddhist monk (尚) who wants to import some aloe vera (⺌). Sherlock asks him what he thinks how large the value (尚) of his goods is, but the buddhist monk has no idea.

尚 character breakdown

archaic variant of 坰[jiong1]

= + : A border control checkpoint.

= + : Zeus is working at a border control checkpoint in front of the engine, but there is no-one to be checked. He is so bored that he's driving staples into mandarins without end.
small / tiny / few / young

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a small daisy. 小 looks like the stem 亅 of the flower is pushing aside the earth 八 as it grows out of the seed in the ground.

Xi Shi (xi) is decorating her hair with lots of small (小) daisies (mnemonic symbol for 小) in the aorta's living room (ao3). She wants to have lots of daisies in the future as well, so she plants new daisies. She found that the perfect substrate for planting daisies is made by crushing eight-balls (八) with a crow bar (亅).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

Mnemonic symbol: ⺌ looks a bit like an aloe vera plant. Marie Curie planted aloe vera plants in the aorta's living room.

Characters with 尚 as component

(main) hall / large room for a specific purpose / CL:間|间[jian1] / relationship between cousins etc on the paternal side of a family / of the same clan / classifier for classes, lectures etc / classifier for sets of furniture

= + : Tecumseh (t) is queuing at the canteen (堂) in the anglepod's kitchen (ang2). He sees how the Buddhist monk (尚) in front of him just gets a pile of earth (土) and is suddenly afraid of the food he will get.
to bestow (a reward) / to give (to an inferior) / to hand down / a reward (bestowed by a superior) / to appreciate (beauty)

= + : Sherlock Holmes (sh) got pinched by a crab (贝) inside of the anglepod (ang3) before it run away. A Buddhist monk (尚) finds the crab and gives it to Sherlock, who in turn gives the brave monk a reward (赏) for his efforts. The monk appreciates (赏) the reward very much.
to recline / to lie down

= + : Tecumseh (t) and the Buddhist monk (尚) are lying (躺) on the anglepod's (ang3) floor practising partner yoga wearing body suits (身).
palm of the hand / sole of the foot / paw / horseshoe / to slap / to hold in one's hand / to wield

= + : Inside the anglepod (ang3), James II of England (zh) and the Buddhist monk (尚) play catch using two baseball gloves (手) and a horseshoe (掌).
to wade / to trample / to turn the soil
classifier for times, round trips or rows / a time / a trip

= + : Tecumseh (t) and the Buddhist monk (尚) decided to go on a Nordic trip (趟). They meet in the anglepod's bathroom (ang4) after they used it for one last time before they are off, accelerated by their Nordic walking sticks (走).
old variant of 趟[tang1]
open to the view of all / spacious / to open wide / to disclose

= + : Open to the view of all (敞) Charlie Chaplin (ch) is just about to kill the Buddhist monk (尚) with a sledgehammer (攵) in the anglepod (ang3).
see 倘佯[chang2 yang2]
if / supposing / in case

= + : Tecumseh (t), Rosa Luxemburg (亻) and the monk (尚) are exploring the anglepod (ang3). Right in the middle of the complex they discuss what they will do in case (倘) something goes wrong.
to drip / to trickle / to shed (tears)

Words with 尚

Buddhist monk
see 三個和尚沒水喝|三个和尚没水喝[san1 ge4 he2 shang5 mei2 shui3 he1]
lit. three monks have no water to drink (idiom) / fig. everybody's business is nobody's business / (If there is one monk, he will fetch water for himself. If there are two, they will fetch water together. But if there are three or more, none will take it upon himself to fetch water.)
lit. as a monk for today, toll today's bell (idiom) / fig. to do one's job mechanically / to hold a position passively
see 和尚打傘,無法無天|和尚打伞,无法无天[he2 shang5 da3 san3 , wu2 fa3 wu2 tian1]
lit. like a monk holding an umbrella — no hair, no sky (idiom) (punning on 髮|发[fa4] vs 法[fa3]) / fig. defying the law and the principles of heaven / lawless
to have a taste for the exotic (idiom)
Kong Shangren (1648-1718), Qing dramatist and poet, author of The Peach Blossom Fan 桃花扇[Tao2 hua1 Shan4]
lit. like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head (idiom) / fig. at a total loss

Sentences with 尚

尚 currently does not appear in any sentence.