= + : Zorro wakes up in the encampment and can't remember how he even got there. Slowly, as he touches his head, he realizes that he has a Mohawk haircut now and almost gets a heart attack. His heart is pumping so hard as if it wanted to jump out of his chest. How on earth could this have happened???

怎 character breakdown

at first / suddenly / abruptly / to spread / (of hair) to stand on end / bristling

Mnemonic symbol: a Mohawk haircut. It fits the hair "to stand on end" and the character itself looks like a head with a Mohawk haircut facing towards the left.

James II of England (zh) tries out a Mohawk haircut (乍) in the ashram's bathroom (a4).
heart / mind / intention / center / core / CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]

= + : Marie Curie (xi) uses a shovel (乚) to dig a hole in front of the encampment ((e)n1). She wants to bury her heart (心). To the side are three petal leaves (丶), with which she wants to cover it afterwards.

Characters with 怎 as component

怎 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 怎

how? / what? / why?
how / what kind
not very / not particularly
what for / why / how
What's up? / What's going on? / What happened?
variant of 怎麼了|怎么了[zen3 me5 le5]
not up to much / very indifferent / nothing great about it / nothing good to be said about it
(last line of the poem 聲聲慢|声声慢[Sheng1 sheng1 Man4] by Song poet Li Qingzhao 李清照[Li3 Qing1 zhao4]) / how can it be expressed in one word, "sorrow"? / how can words express such sadness?

Sentences with 怎