at first / suddenly / abruptly / to spread / (of hair) to stand on end / bristling

Mnemonic symbol: a Mohawk haircut. It fits the hair "to stand on end" and the character itself looks like a head with a Mohawk haircut facing towards the left.

James II of England (zh) tries out a Mohawk haircut (乍) in the ashram's bathroom (a4).

乍 character breakdown

The character 乍 cannot be broken down into individual components.

Characters with 乍 as component

worker / workshop / (slang) troublesome / high-maintenance (person)
to do / to grow / to write or compose / to pretend / to regard as / to feel / writings or works

= + : Rosa Luxemburg and Zapatista Zebra are high-fiveing in the observatory's bathroom because they're growing so awesome Mohawk haircuts.
to do; to engage in / to write; to compose / to pretend; to feign / to regard as; to consider to be / to be; to act the part of / to feel (itchy, nauseous etc) / writings; works

= + : Zorro wakes up in the encampment and can't remember how he even got there. Slowly, as he touches his head, he realizes that he has a Mohawk haircut now and almost gets a heart attack. His heart is pumping so hard as if it wanted to jump out of his chest. How on earth could this have happened???

= + : Yesterday (昨) Zapatista Zebra (zu) cut the sun's (日) hair in the observatory's kitchen (o2). They were both singing "yesterday" (昨) as Zapatista Zebra was turning the sun's crazy hair into an awesome Mohawk (乍) cut.
to burst / to explode / to blow up / (fig.) to fly into a rage

= + : As James II of England (zh) runs into the ashram's bathroom (a4) with his Mohawk (乍) on fire (火) the whole building explodes (炸) since there was a lot of methane from the previous user in the bathroom.
to deep fry / Taiwan pr. [zha4]

= + : James II of England (zh) is deep frying (炸) his Mohawk haircut (乍) in the ashram's kitchen (a2), but then suddenly his Mohawk catches fire (火) and he runs into the bathroom.
narrow / narrow-minded / badly off

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a narrow slit of some kind. James II of England (zh) is painting cave paintings (穴) on the walls of the airplane's living room (ai3). He is using a special technique: he pushes the hair of his Mohawk haircut (乍) through a narrow slit (窄) so that when he applies the paint to his hair (to use it as a brush) he doesn't accidentally paint his face.
to cheat / to swindle / to pretend / to feign / to draw sb out / to try to extract information by deceit or bluff

= + : As James II of England (zh) is using the ashram's bathroom (a4) he studies an advertising column (讠) next to him which urges him to get a Mohawk haircut (乍). After a while he realizes it is just a scheme to deceive (诈) him into giving up his hair so that they can get is DNA.
blessing / the throne

Words with 乍

to be a newcomer / just off the boat
Zhapu town and port on north of Hangzhou Bay 杭州灣|杭州湾 in Zhejiang
Zhapu town and port on north of Hangzhou Bay 杭州灣|杭州湾 in Zhejiang
to appear suddenly
at first glance
(of sb's face) turning alternately green and white

Sentences with 乍

乍 currently does not appear in any sentence.