Pinyin initial: "k"

The Pinyin initial "k" is used in the first half of Pinyin syllables. In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, "k" belongs to the group of Pinyin initials which are represented in mnemonics by men. You can visit the Pinyin index to see all Pinyin syllables from this mnemonic group, or to see all Pinyin syllables "k" can appear in.

Mnemonics for k

K is for Karl Marx.

Characters with k

mouth / classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc) / classifier for bites or mouthfuls

Mnemonic symbol: 口 shall be represented by a mandarin. Karl Marx (k-) is enjoying a mandarin in the outhouse's living room (ou3).

Mnemonic symbol: receptacle as in wall plug.

Karl Marx (k) wants to recharge his phone in the anthill's living room (an3), but he can't find a receptacle (凵).
"breath" or "sigh" component in Chinese characters

The air inside of the aorta is so bad that Karl Marx needs a breathing mask to breathe freely.

Mnemonic symbol: a breathing mask.
to beat / to hit / variant of 考[kao3] / to inspect / to test / to take an exam

= + : Karl Marx (k) has to take an exam (考) in the artoa's living room (ao3). It is very difficult for him because he has to wear a breathing mask (丂) due to the open fire, and he also has to wear a huge crown (⺹) which makes it difficult for him to see the exam papers.
to check / to verify / to test / to examine / to take an exam / to take an entrance exam for / deceased father
can / may / able to / to approve / to permit / to suit / (particle used for emphasis) certainly / very

= + : Karl Marx (k) is challenging his abilities (可) in the elevator's living room (e3). He tries to force a nail (丁) into a mandarin (口), just by using his head. On top of that he tries to do so one thousand times, in order to create a bed of nails (mnemonic symbol for 可).

= + : Alternative mnemonic symbol: kebab, from the pronunciation "ke". Karl Marx (k) is preparing a kebab (mnemonic symbol for 可) in the elevator's living room (e3). He also skewers mandarins (口) on the long steel nails (丁) and will only allow (可) his guests to eat the rest of the kebab if they eat their mandarins first.
used in 可汗[ke4 han2]
to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文[Kai1 er3 wen2] / abbr. for 開本|开本[kai1 ben3], book format

= + : A bottle opener. Karl Marx is sitting in front of the airplane, begging for money. He's playing a flute and has his bottle opener ready for the next beer, but unfortunately, he'll be carried away, his hands cuffed, soon.
to look after / to take care of / to watch / to guard
to see / to look at / to read / to watch / to visit / to call on / to consider / to regard as / to look after / to treat (an illness) / to depend on / to feel (that) / (after verb) to give it a try / Watch out! (for a danger)

= + : Karl Marx wants to use anthill's bathroom, but when the Eye of Providence is watching he's not able to, so he uses a big baseball glove to get some privacy.
subject / course / CL:門|门[men2] / class / lesson / CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2] / to levy / tax / form of divination

= + : Karl Marx (k) notices an advertising column (讠) in the elevator's bathroom (e4). He decides to teach these capitalists a lesson (课) and throws grapes (果) at the ads, messing them all up. That'll teach them!

= + : Karl Marx (k) is really thirsty (渴) in the elevator (e3), where he finds a water bottle (氵) vending machine. The water is free, but attached to the machine he finds a quiz wheel (曷): only when he is able to answer five questions in a row he will get a bottle of water.
customer / visitor / guest

= + : Karl Marx (k) is receiving a visitor in the elevator's bathroom (e4). His guest is wearing a graduation cap (宀) and a dress made of stars (各).
branch of study / administrative section / division / field / branch / stage directions / family (taxonomy) / rules / laws / to mete out (punishment) / to levy (taxes etc) / to fine sb / CL:個|个[ge4]

= + : In front of the elevator, Karl Marx wants to conduct one of his science experiments. He wants to condition the matador to only eat cereals until the end of his life.
variant of 克[ke4] / to subdue / to overthrow / to restrain
Ke (c. 2000 BC), seventh of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝[Yan2 di4] descended from Shennong 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2] Farmer God
to be able to / to subdue / to restrain / to overcome / gram / Tibetan unit of land area, about 6 ares

= + : Karl Marx and Sun Wukong both tried to change the world. After they both failed, they went crazy, and now they have to retreat into a cloister in the elevator's bathroom wearing straitjackets.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a straitjacket
variant of 剋|克[ke4]
abbr. for 克羅地亞|克罗地亚[Ke4 luo2 di4 ya4], Croatia / (Tw) abbr. for 克羅埃西亞|克罗埃西亚[Ke4 luo2 ai1 xi1 ya4], Croatia
to stop / to block / (computing) (coll.) slow / (loanword) card / CL:張|张[zhang1],片[pian4] / truck (from "car") / calorie (abbr. for 卡路里[ka3 lu4 li3]) / cassette

= + : Karl Marx (k) wants to destroy capitalism by crushing credit cards (卡) with a voodoo staff (卜) and by stomping on (上) them in the ashram (a3).