radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 13), occurring in 用[yong4], 同[tong2], 網|网[wang3] etc, referred to as 同字框[tong2 zi4 kuang4]

= + : Kind of looks like a map. Zeus found a secret map that tells the location of a golden dinosaur bone in front of the engine, so he took a plough and digged up everything. He actually found a couple of dinosaur bones, but not a golden one.

冂 character breakdown

radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 2)

Mnemonic symbol: a dinosaur bone. Gitta Giraffe (gu-) found a gorgeous dinosaur bone (丨) in the encampment's living room ((e)n3).
vertical stroke (in Chinese characters), referred to as 豎筆|竖笔[shu4 bi3]

Mnemonic symbol: a dinosaur bone. Sheldon Shrimp (shu) found a gorgeous dinosaur bone (丨) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4) and is cracking it open to eat its bone marrow.
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + : ㇆ just looks like a plow.

Characters with 冂 as component


= + + + : Mnemonic symbol: a palm tree (palms are only found in the south)

= + + + : Napoleon and the mean crocodile met in the anthill's kitchen to discuss a secret plan. The mean crocodile found a map which leads to a treasure of dried fruits. Napoleon and the mean crocodile agree to follow the map and claim the dried fruits, but each of them has his own secret agenda: Napoleon wants to claim the land and put up his big cross, and the crocodile just wants to relax under a palm tree.
surname Nan
archaic variant of 坰[jiong1]

= + : Zeus is working at a border control checkpoint in front of the engine, but there is no-one to be checked. He is so bored that he's driving staples into mandarins without end.

= + : A border control checkpoint.
like / same / similar / together / alike / with

= + 𠮛 : Tommy Turtle (tu) is stapling (冂) a magical scroll (𠮛) to the wall of the engine's kitchen ((e)ng2). On it he wrote that he's looking for two twins (mnemonic symbol for 同).
see 衚衕|胡同[hu2 tong4]
to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview / opinion / view

= + : Joan of Arc (ji) set up a surveillance camera (mnemonic symbol for 见) in the anthill's bathroom (an4). With its help, she can see Sun Wu Kong (儿) stapling (儿) his hat to his head.
to appear / also written 現|现[xian4]
towel / general purpose cloth / women's headcovering (old) / Kangxi radical 50

= + : Joan of Arc has smuggled a dinosaur bone out of the encampment. To hide it, she covered it in maps and towels.
variant of 冉[ran3]
net / network

= + : Willy Walrus (w) followed a secret treasure map (冂) he found inside of the anglepod (ang3). Finally he arrived at his destination and sees a net (网) of vines. He brought two pairs of pliers (乂) with which he forces the net open to obtain the treasure.
edge of a tortoiseshell / used in 冉冉[ran3 ran3]
surname Ran
edge of a tortoiseshell / see 冉冉[ran3 ran3]

= + : 冉冉 means "soft" as well as "gradually", so I'll represent 冉 by snail mail.

= + : Robinson Crusoe drank too much in the anthill, so he's unable to receive the letter of dirt that he gets by snail mail. The snail wants to deliver it anyway, so she just staples it to the table next to Robinson.

Words with 冂

冂 is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with 冂

冂 currently does not appear in any sentence.