duty / responsibility / to reproach / to blame

= + : Zorro and the crab started a party in the elevator's kitchen. They wear funny hats and have lots of booze, but they are responsible drinkers and know when they have had enough.

責 character breakdown

surname Bei
cowrie / shellfish / currency (archaic)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a crab. In the Eiffel Tower's bathroom (ei4), the Neanderthal man (人) and Beelzebub (b) are fighting a crab with staplers (⺆), but because the Neanderthal man (人) can't handle the stapler he accidentally staples himself in the forehead.
component in Chinese characters, occurring in 青, 毒, 素 etc / see also 青字頭|青字头[qing1 zi4 tou2]

= + : Looks like a fancy headdress. The bachelor wears a really heavy headdress. He doesn't know it's full of mud.

Characters with 責 as component

to spin (hemp etc) / merit / accomplishment / Taiwan pr. [ji1]

= + : Joan of Arc (ji) and the silk worm (纟) passed the HSK 3 and are celebrating their accomplishment (绩) wearing party hats (责) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4).
to amass / to accumulate / to store / measured quantity (such as area of volume) / product (the result of multiplication) / to integrate (math.) / to solve (or integrate) an ordinary differential equation (math.) / old / long-standing

= + : Joan of Arc (ji) and the cuttlefish (只) are preparing for bad times in front of the space station (Ø1). Together they are piling up (积) cereals (禾) so that they can always eat in times of need.
debt / CL:筆|笔[bi3]

= + : James II of England (zh) had a great party. He wakes up in the airplane's bathroom (ai4) still wearing his party hat (责) to a very angry Rosa Luxemburg (亻) who wants to claim Jame II's debt (债).
variant of 跡|迹[ji4]

= + : Joan of Arc (ji) is caring for the also-ran (亦) after she finished a marathon in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). The also-ran was wearing gladiator sandals (辶) but already after half of the race they were worn through, and Joan of Arc can see the footprints (迹) the also-ran left with her bare feet when she came in.
to soak / to be stained / stain / floodwater
variant of 績|绩[ji4] / merit / accomplishment
moraine; rocks in shallow water
moraine / rocks in shallow water
(interj. of admiration or of disgust) / to click one's tongue / to attempt to (find an opportunity to) speak
reed mat
turban / head-covering

Words with 責

full responsibility
to blame / to reprimand
to avoid responsibility / to shift the responsibility onto others / (Tw) to relieve sb of their responsibilities (e.g. upon retirement)
to abuse / to berate
to hold accountable / to blame / to censure / to apportion blame
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.
to carry out one's duties perfunctorily / to fulfill one's responsibility
The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone (idiom). Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.
breach of responsibility / failure to carry out one's duty
to hold accountable; to blame; to censure; to apportion blame
to carry out one's duties perfunctorily; to fulfill one's responsibility

Sentences with 責

責 currently does not appear in any sentence.