load / cargo / old variant of 載|载[zai4] / to transport / to deliver / to bear / to support

傤 character breakdown

"person" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 9)

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: Rosa Luxemburg. She's quite radical, and her name starts with "r", just like "ren2". Also, 亻appears at the left-hand side of characters, and Rosa is a leftist as well.

Robinson Crusoe (r) and Rosa Luxemburg (亻) are having their favorite snacks in the encampment's kitchen: Rosa is eating a banana (丿) and Robinson is eating a dinosaur bone (丨).
to record in writing / to carry (i.e. publish in a newspaper etc) / Taiwan pr. [zai4] / year

= 𢦏 + : Zorro (z) carried the remains of his cabriolet (车) into the airplane (ai3). In a diary, he records in writing (载) all the wounds he had to sew (𢦏) and the remaining pieces of his crashed cabriolet.
to carry / to convey / to load / to hold / to fill up / and / also / as well as / simultaneously

= 𢦏 + : Zorro (z) crashed his cabriolet (车) right into the airplane's bathroom (ai4). He got some cuts during the accident, but he already sewed (𢦏) them. Now he is busy carrying (载) the remains of his car out of the room.

Characters with 傤 as component

傤 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 傤

傤 is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with 傤

傤 currently does not appear in any sentence.