to record in writing / to carry (i.e. publish in a newspaper etc) / Taiwan pr. [zai4] / year

= 𢦏 + : Zorro (z) carried the remains of his cabriolet (车) into the airplane (ai3). In a diary, he records in writing (载) all the wounds he had to sew (𢦏) and the remaining pieces of his crashed cabriolet.
to carry / to convey / to load / to hold / to fill up / and / also / as well as / simultaneously

= 𢦏 + : Zorro (z) crashed his cabriolet (车) right into the airplane's bathroom (ai4). He got some cuts during the accident, but he already sewed (𢦏) them. Now he is busy carrying (载) the remains of his car out of the room.

載 character breakdown

surname Che
car / vehicle / CL:輛|辆[liang4] / machine / to shape with a lathe / Kangxi radical 159

= + : Charlie Chaplin (ch) is parading in a cabriolet (mnemonic symbol for 车) in front of the elevator (e1), because he wants to establish his new cult. Like all successful leaders, he takes the carrot-and-stick approach: In one hand he's waving with a seven-branched laser sword (七), in the other one he's waving with a cross (十).
war chariot (archaic) / rook (in Chinese chess) / rook (in chess)
Character component without intrinsic meaning

𢦏 = + : Mnemonic symbol: a cut which has been sewed. Zorro (z) cut (𢦏) himself with a spear (戈) badly and sewed (𢦏) the wound himself in front of the airplane (ai1). He can now only walk with the help of a cross (十) which he uses as cane.

Characters with 載 as component

load / cargo / old variant of 載|载[zai4] / to transport / to deliver / to bear / to support

Words with 載

to download / also pr. [xia4 zai4]
extremely rare (idiom) / once in a blue moon
to bear the weight / to sustain
lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around / discontent is openly voiced
newspaper report
with great virtue one can take charge of the world (idiom)
lit. praise fills the roads (idiom); praise everywhere / universal approbation
a year, more or less / years
lit. cries of complaint fill the roads (idiom); complaints rise all around / discontent is openly voiced
lamentations fill the roads (idiom); severe suffering all around
to reprint; to repost; to transmit (in writing etc)
to load (cargo) / (computing) to load (content)
to upload / also pr. [shang4 zai4]
to reprint / to repost / to transmit (in writing etc)
(of cargo etc) to load
to disembark / to off-load cargo / to uninstall (software)

Sentences with 載

載 currently does not appear in any sentence.