luminous / burning / to burn / to cauterize

灼 character breakdown

spoon / ladle / CL:把[ba3] / abbr. for 公勺[gong1 shao2], centiliter (unit of volume)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: as 勺 should not be confused with 匕 (ladle), the mnemonic symbol for 勺 is a small silver spoon.

Sherlock Holmes (sh) feeds an elephant (勹) medicine in the aorta's kitchen (ao2). The medicine looks like a petal leaf (丶), and Sherlock Holmes uses a small silver spoon (勺) to feed it to the elephant.
surname Huo
fire / urgent / ammunition / fiery or flaming / internal heat (Chinese medicine) / hot (popular) / classifier for military units (old) / Kangxi radical 86

= + : Helga Horse (hu) and Neanderthal Man (人) are starting a fire (火) in the observatory's living room (o3) with two large petals (丶).

Characters with 灼 as component

灼 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 灼

a burn (tissue damage from heat, chemicals etc) / to burn (the skin etc) / (fig.) (of anger, jealousy etc) to hurt (sb)
burning hot; scorching
burning hot / scorching / worried
to burn / to scorch / to cauterize
(literary) deeply worried
to see clearly / deep insight / profound view
burn (i.e. wound) / burning pain
burn (injury) / scorching

Sentences with 灼

灼 currently does not appear in any sentence.