step with the right foot / see 彳亍[chi4 chu4]

= + : A step with the right foot is a kick of a righteous knight, who wears a full armor boot on his right foot.
to step with the right foot (used in 彳亍[chi4 chu4])

亍 character breakdown

"vertical stroke with hook" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 6) / see also 豎鉤|竖钩[shu4 gou1]

Mnemonic symbol: 亅 looks like a crowbar. Zeus (ju) is bored and presses all the buttons next to the elevator kitchen's (e2) door with his crowbar (亅).
two / 2 / (Beijing dialect) stupid

= : Mnemonic symbol: a capacitor, because the two strokes remind me of the symbol in electrical drawings. Albert Einstein (Ø) is experimenting with a capacitor (二) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). He finds that it's uncomfortable to discharge a capacitor using two flutes (一).

Characters with 亍 as component

to walk / to go / to travel / a visit / temporary / makeshift / current / in circulation / to do / to perform / capable / competent / effective / all right / OK! / will do / behavior / conduct / Taiwan pr. [xing4] for the behavior-conduct sense

= + : In the engine's kitchen, Marie Curie is tired of walking with a black sneaker on her left foot and a full armor boot on her right foot. Fortunately she finds seven-league boots in the kitchen.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: seven-league boots.
row / line / commercial firm / line of business / profession / to rank (first, second etc) among one's siblings (by age) / (in data tables) row / (Tw) column
to weigh / weight / measure

= + + + : Hamlet (h) and Neanderthal Man (人) don't know how much fish (鱼) they should have for dinner. In engine's kitchen ((e)ng2) they decide that they will settle the issue by balancing (衡) they shoes with an equal amount of fish. Hamlet commences by balancing his black sneaker (彳) with three fish. After he finished Neanderthal Man balanced his full armor boot (亍) by using nine fish.

Words with 亍

(literary) to walk slowly

Sentences with 亍

亍 currently does not appear in any sentence.