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èr = Ø + Ø4: two / 2 / (Beijing dialect) stupid


Mnemonic symbol: a capacitor, because the two strokes remind me of the symbol in electrical drawings. Albert Einstein (Ø) is experimenting with a capacitor (二) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). He finds that it's uncomfortable to discharge a capacitor using two flutes (一).


I bet he wonders if that happens every time.

Matthias, about 1 month ago

二 character breakdown

one / single / a (article) / as soon as / entire; whole; all; throughout / "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) / also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit

Maud Younger (y) forgot her keys to the space station (Ø1), all she brought outside was her flute (一). She has no choice but to crash the door with the giant flute.

Characters with 二 as component

moon / month / monthly / CL:個|个[ge4],輪|轮[lun2]

= + : Yu the Great (yu) is modelling a moon (月) in the elevator's bathroom (e4). He uses a stapler (⺆) to staple a lot of capacitors (二) together to form a moon shape, while the real moon is sitting for him.
to step with the right foot (used in 彳亍[chi4 chu4])
step with the right foot / see 彳亍[chi4 chu4]

= + : A step with the right foot is a kick of a righteous knight, who wears a full armor boot on his right foot.
used in 上聲|上声[shang3 sheng1]
(bound form) up; upper; above; previous / first (of multiple parts) / to climb; to get onto; to go up / to attend (class or university) / (directional complement) up / (noun suffix) on; above

= + : Mnemonic symbol: as in the movie "Up", someone will be using lots of balloons to send something on a long journey. Sherlock Holmes (sh) prepares to take off in the anglepod's bathroom (ang4). He fixed a lot of balloons (上) to a flute (一), on which he plans to sit during his journey. At this moment the flute is only held back by the 90 degree corner clamp (丄) which is fixing it to the ground.

= + : Sherlock Holmes (sh) investigates a mysterious murder in the anglepod's bathroom (ang4). Somebody has been killed while using the golden squat toilet. He finds a mysterious apparatus on top (上) of it, and breaks it open using a dinosaur bone (丨). As the apparatus breaks, he finds the murderer's weapon: The dinosaur bone is sticking in a capacitor (二), which has been hooked up to the golden squat toilet to kill the victim using the lethal electric charge.
pig snout (Kangxi radical 58)

= + : Joan of Arc wears a fake pig snout in the space station's bathroom and makes grunting and squealing sounds.
eye / (literary) to look; to regard / eye (of a net); mesh / mesh size; grit size (abbr. for 目數|目数[mu4 shu4]) / item; section / list; catalogue / (taxonomy) order / name; title

= + : Mnemonic symbol: the Eye of Providence (目). Malte Monkey (mu-) is unpacking a wooden box (囗) full of capacitors (二). He's afraid that the Eye of Providence (目) will see him, so he does it secretly in the space station's bathroom (-Ø4).
surname San
three / 3

= + : Mnemonic symbol: Cartesian coordinate system with three (三) axes. Socrates (s-) is performing in front of the anthill (-an1). He created an electrical flute by attaching a large capacitor (二) to the flute (一), so that he can get the attention of all the people. Moreover, he's balancing on a Cartesian coordinate system (三). Unfortunately, only three (三) people stop to watch the performance.
Jing, one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy / surname Jing

Words with 二

to be very clear about sth (idiom)
thoroughly (idiom) / completely / one and all / very clean
one or two; a few / a little; just a bit
impoverished / backward both economically and culturally
gradually / little by little / in the course of time
unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough (idiom)
lit. the mountain can't have two tigers (idiom) / fig. this town ain't big enough for the two of us / (of two rivals) to be fiercely competitive
to do two things at once (idiom) / to multitask / to divide one's attention
1 divided by 16 is 0.0625 (abacus rule) / (fig.) to deny responsibility; to pass the buck
lit. one is one, two is two (idiom) / fig. things are (or ought to be) perfectly clear-cut / unequivocal
nitrous oxide N2O / laughing gas
perfectly clean / blameless / unimpeachable (idiom)
to kill two birds with one stone (idiom)
see 一推六二五[yi1 tui1 liu4 er4 wu3]
lit. either don't do it, or don't rest (idiom) / fig. if you do it at all, you may as well go the whole hog / in for a penny, in for a pound
December 9th Movement (1935), student-led demonstrations demanding that the Chinese government resist Japanese aggression
Shanghai Incident of 28th January 1932, Chinese uprising against Japanese quarters of Shanghai
one divides into two / to be two-sided / there are two sides to everything / to see both sb's good points and shortcomings (idiom)
to make a terrible scene (idiom) / to throw a tantrum

Sentences with 二