= + : Bessie Coleman (女) is terrified when she discovers Nelson Newt (nu) just inside the space station's entrance (Ø2) since she is afraid of amphibians. She instantly orders her slave (奴) to smash Nelson Newt with a boxing glove (又).

奴 character breakdown

(once) again / also / both... and... / and yet / (used for emphasis) anyway

= + : And once again (又), Maud Younger (y) is preparing for battle. She's donning her boxing glove in the outhouse's bathroom (ou4), puts on a beak (㇇) and plans go give her opponent the finger (㇏).
female / woman / daughter

I'll represent 女 by Bessie Coleman, the first female pilot of African American descent.
archaic variant of 汝[ru3]

Characters with 奴 as component

variant of 拿[na2]

= + : In the ashram's kitchen, Napoleon sees something flying towards him and instinctively catches it with his baseball glove. He realizes too late that what he holds in his hand is a tub of glue which ruined his glove.
to exert / to strive

= + : There is an emergency in the space station (Ø3), but both Nelson Newt (nu) and the slave (奴) are too weak to push the emergency power button (力). They exert (努) all their power to push the button together and let ground control know of the emergency.
anger / fury / flourishing / vigorous

= + : Nelson Newt (nu) is angrily (怒) shouting at his slave (奴) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). The slave thinks how heartless Nelson Newt is. Indeed, a long time ago the slave stole Nelson Newt's heart (心) to use it one day in an escape plan.
state treasury / public funds
flint / (metonym) arrowhead
child / offspring
to pout
clamor / (onom.) "look!"
(literary) birdcage / (used in place names)
used in 胬肉[nu3 rou4]

Words with 奴

Xiongnu, a people of the Eastern Steppe who created an empire that flourished around the time of the Qin and Han dynasties
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
a slave to one's credit card / sb who is unable to repay their credit card borrowings
Hanuman, a monkey God in the Indian epic Ramayana
Knuth or Canute (name)
part of Heilongjiang and the Vladivostok area ruled by the Ming dynasty
the Ming dynasty provincial headquarters in the Heilongjiang and Vladivostok area
Terengganu, northeast state of mainland Malaysia
silken tofu served cold with various toppings (loanword from Japanese "hiyayakko")

Sentences with 奴

奴 currently does not appear in any sentence.