female / woman / daughter

I'll represent 女 by Bessie Coleman, the first female pilot of African American descent.
archaic variant of 汝[ru3]

女 character breakdown

The character 女 cannot be broken down into individual components.

Characters with 女 as component

to want; to need; to ask for / will; shall; about to / need to; should / if (same as 要是[yao4 shi5]) / (bound form) important
to demand / to request / to coerce
important / vital / to want / to ask for / will / going to (as future auxiliary) / may / must / (used in a comparison) must be / probably / if

= + : Bessie Coleman shows Maud Younger how to use a knuckle duster in the aorta's bathroom. She says it's very important and that Maud will have to get one herself.
(bound form) to demand; to coerce
to be fond of / to have a tendency to / to be prone to
good / appropriate; proper / all right! / (before a verb) easy to / (before a verb) good to / (before an adjective for exclamatory effect) so / (verb complement indicating completion) / (of two people) close; on intimate terms / (after a personal pronoun) hello
to be fond of; to have a tendency to; to be prone to
good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms / (after a personal pronoun) hello

= + : Hamlet visits the wishing well in the aorta and wishes for a good child. A picosecond later, an egg appears, cracks open and Bessie Coleman jumps out.

= + : Tecumseh and the Excavator are whispering secretly in front of the ashram. Bessie Coleman sees them and just as she wants to approach them, they run away giggling like little boys.
surname Lou / one of the 28 lunar mansions in Chinese astronomy

= + : Bessie Coleman (女) invited Sir Lancelot (l) over for dinner in her lunar mansion (娄) in the outhouse's kitchen (ou2). Because Lancelot is extremely hungry, he brings a sack of rice (米) as a present for his host.
older sister

= + : Bessie Coleman (女) and Joan of Arc (ji) have been searching through an ancestry archive for days and days. Inside of the elevator (e3) they stand in front of a shelf (且) which contains thousands of ancestry records, and after they worked very hard, they found out that through some complicated lineage they are older sisters (姐) to each other.

Words with 女

adopted daughter (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
Xuan Nü, a fairy in Chinese mythology
single girl who is not interested in relationships, living a lackadaisical life (loanword from Japanese "himono onna")
Andromeda (constellation)
great nebula in Andromeda or Andromeda galaxy M31

Sentences with 女