variant of 人[ren2] / "person" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 10), occurring in 兒, 兀, 兄 etc
child / son

= 丿 + : Mnemonic symbol: "son" (儿) sounds similar to "Sun" like in "Sun Wu Kong", so it's gonna be represented by the monkey king. Albert Einstein (Ø-) and Sun Wu Kong (儿) are fighting in the space station's kitchen (-Ø2). Their weapons: Albert Einstein has a shovel (乚), and Sun Wu Kong has a banana (丿).
non-syllabic diminutive suffix / retroflex final

儿 character breakdown

radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 4) / see 撇[pie3]

Pocahontas (pi-) is eating a banana (丿) in the elevator's living room (-e3).
component in Chinese characters / archaic variant of 毫[hao2] / archaic variant of 乙[yi3]

Mnemonic symbol: a shovel (乚).

Remember it by imagining Maud Younger (y) digging her own grave with a shovel in the ashram's bathroom (a4).

Characters with 儿 as component

surname Wu
cut off the feet / rising to a height / towering / bald

= + : Mnemonic symbol: A 胡兀尔, a kind of Chinese fiddle with four strings, more commonly known as 四胡.

= + : Sun Wukong is playing his 胡兀尔 in the space station's bathroom, but he's deliberatly playing very badly in order to annoy Willy Walrus. Willy Walrus is so annoyed that he threatens to cut off Sun Wukong's feet with a flute if he doesn't stop.
surname Yuan / the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368)
currency unit (esp. Chinese yuan) / first / original / primary / fundamental / constituent / part / era (of a reign) / meta- (prefix) / (math.) argument / variable / (Tw) (geology) eon

= + : Sun Wu Kong offers Yu the Great a coin just inside the anthill's kitchen. As Yu the Great takes it, she's literally shocked: Sun Wu Kong hooked up a capacitor to it to play a bad joke on her, and he's laughing his ass off.
four / 4

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a four-leaved clover. Socrates (s) is working out in the bathroom of the space station (Ø4). He's lifting four (四) wooden boxes (囗), and wonders why they are so heavy. He doesn't know that inside one of the four boxes, the monkey king (儿) is hiding and secretly laughing at him - until the monkey king comes out and surprises Socrates with a four-leaved clover (四).
to appear / also written 現|现[xian4]
to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview / opinion / view

= + : Joan of Arc (ji) set up a surveillance camera (mnemonic symbol for 见) in the anthill's bathroom (an4). With its help, she can see Sun Wu Kong (儿) stapling (儿) his hat to his head.

= + : Willy Walrus (w) trips over Sun Wu Kong's (儿) flute (一) in front of the anglepod (ang1). He falls badly and has to use a crutch (mnemonic symbol for 尢) subsequently, because he's lame (尢).
early / prior / former / in advance / first

= + : Mnemonic symbol: the First Lady of the United States, FLOTUS.

In front of the anthill, Sun Wukong, the FLOTUS and Marie Curie dance around the golden calf. When it comes to be in favour of their gods, everyone of them wants to be first.

Words with 儿

a moment / a while / in a moment / / also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
erhua variant of 一點|一点[yi1 dian3]
erhua variant of 一塊|一块[yi1 kuai4]
erhua variant of 一口氣|一口气[yi1 kou3 qi4]
erhua variant of 一大早[yi1 da4 zao3]
in a row / in a line
(coll.) of the same type / identical
erhua variant of 上邊|上边[shang4 bian5]
erhua variant of 上鉤|上钩[shang4 gou1]
erhua variant of 下邊|下边[xia4 bian5]
(coll.) no (contracted form of 不是[bu4 shi4])
(dialect) contracted form of 不知道[bu4 zhi1 dao4]
at symbol, @
erhua variant of 一下[yi1 xia4]
erhua variant of 一個勁|一个劲[yi1 ge4 jin4]

Sentences with 儿