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jiǎng = ji + ang3: oar / paddle


A group of bats (夕) throws pieces of wood (丬) at Joan of Arc's (ji) Christmas Tree (木) in the anglepod's living room (ang3), so Joan of Arc shoos them away with a big paddle (桨).

桨 character breakdown

dusk / evening / Taiwan pr. [xi4]

Mnemonic symbol: this character looks a bit like a bat, and bats come out of their caves at dusk. I could see the upper left 丿 as part of the bat's right wing, ㇇ as the body/head and 丶 as the eye of the bat.

Xi Shi (xi) goes out for a space walk in front of the space station (Ø1) in the evening (夕), where she observes a space bat.
(bound form) tree / (bound form) wood / unresponsive; numb; wooden

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a Christmas tree.

Malte Monkey (mu) is setting up a Christmas tree (木) in the bathroom of the space station (Ø4). He decorates the tree with eight-balls (八) and puts a holy cross (十) at the top of the tree.
"piece of wood" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 90), mirror image of 片[pian4]

= + : Just as she entered the anglepod, the Queen of Hearts craves for a popsicle. It seems like a miracle that just inside the anglepod's kitchen she finds a crate full of popsicles, which she cracks open using a dinosaur bone. Unfortunately, all the popsicles are contaminated with pieces of wood.

Characters with 桨 as component

桨 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 桨

stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) / stand-up paddleboard / blade of a propeller / blade of an oar

Sentences with 桨

桨 currently does not appear in any sentence.