variant of 怪[guai4]

= + : Gitta Giraffe meets Father Christmas in the airplane's bathroom. She finds it rather bewildering that instead of a sack full of presents he holds a big flail. He also looks kind of grumpy, almost like a big monster.

恠 character breakdown

Kangxi radical 61 (心) as a vertical side element

Looks a bit like a flail.
to exist; to be alive / (of sb or sth) to be (located) at / (used before a verb to indicate an action in progress)

= + + : Zorro (z) and Rosa Luxemburg (亻) exist (在) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). Rosa is in the middle of balancing a flute (一) on her head and on a pile of clay (土). Zorro uses his rapier to inscribe "Z" into the flute, so as to mark that the pronunciation of "在" begins with "z".

Characters with 恠 as component

恠 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 恠

恠 is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with 恠

恠 currently does not appear in any sentence.