surname Li
power / force / strength / ability / strenuously

= + 丿 : Mnemonic symbol: a power button.

Li Qingzhao (li) just had a shower in the space station's bathroom (Ø4) and wants to use the hair dryer, but there's no plug, just the bare end of the cable! She uses all her power to build an electricity plug, and for the two pins she uses a plough (㇆) and a banana (丿). Finally she hits a big power button (力) to turn the power on.

力 character breakdown

radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 4) / see 撇[pie3]

Pocahontas (pi-) is eating a banana (丿) in the elevator's living room (-e3).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + : Mnemonic symbol: ㇆ just looks like a plow.

Someone attached a flute to the top of a crowbar to create a new instrument. When the crowbar is bowed with a plow, the vibrations of the crowbar will transfer to the flute, which in turn is producing eerie sounds.

Characters with 力 as component

(of sth) to move / to set in movement / to displace / to touch / to make use of / to stir (emotions) / to alter / abbr. for 動詞|动词[dong4 ci2], verb

= + : Doggy Dog notices a lot of smoke when he enters engine's bathroom. Instead of thinking long, he acts quickly and moves to push the fire alarm button.
male / Baron, lowest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位[wu3 deng3 jue2 wei4]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a mankini.

Napoleon (n) is taking part in the iron-man contest. In the anthill's kitchen (an2) he has to rob through a muddy field (田) as fast as possible while wearing a mankini (男). He has to reach a power button (力) located at the other end of the field and push it as fast as possible to qualify for the next round.
other / another / separate / separately

= + : In engine's bathroom Li Qingzhao wants to distill a liquor out of mandarins, but she can't find a wall plug to plug the distiller's power cable in.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: to separate two liquids, one can use a distiller.
side / edge / margin / border / boundary / CL:個|个[ge4] / simultaneously

= + : Brunhilde fell down on the sidewalk in front of the anthill. One of her gladiator sandals got stuck in a electricity line at the side of the inn.
suffix of a noun of locality
variant of 為|为[wei2] / as (i.e. in the capacity of) / to take sth as / to act as / to serve as / to behave as / to become / to be / to do
variant of 為|为[wei4]
as (in the capacity of) / to take sth as / to act as / to serve as / to behave as / to become / to be / to do / by (in the passive voice)
variant of 為|为[wei2]
because of / for / to

= + : This one looks like a bird with crazy hair, and when I googled "bird with crazy hair", wow was I amazed how many birds with crazy hair there are! Penguins are birds with crazy hair! So let's use a penguin for this character.

= + : The crazy hair penguin wants to use the Eiffel Tower's bathroom, but because Willy Walrus just finished it stinks like hell. The first thing crazy hair penguin does is to press the button to release a heap of blossoms to make the air breathable again.
to help / to assist

= + : Mnemonic symbol: water wings helping you to learn how to swim.

Julian Giant Squid wants to learn how to swim and put on a lot of floaties in the space station's bathroom. As he hits the power button to inflate the high tech floaties remotely he forgot that there are still a lot of floaties left, stored in the shelf—he is reminded instanlty as also all of them inflate.
abbr. for Canada 加拿大[Jia1 na2 da4] / surname Jia

= + : Mnemonic symbol from 加油: cheerleaders' pom poms.

= + : Joan of Arc works on her cheerleading skills in front of the ashram. For the grande finale of her performance she prepared special effects: at the very end of her performance she hits a power button on the floor with her foot, which starts mandarins shooting from her pom poms.

Words with 力

main force / main strength of an army
to spare no pains or effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
not to do one's best / not to exert oneself
lacking in strength / weak / feeble
unpredictable eventuality / unpreventable / unavoidable / impossible to overcome / nothing can be done about it / act of God / force majeure
main force (military) / (fig.) the group or element with the most impact / mainstay / main cohort
to overestimate one's capabilities
as easy as blowing off dust / effortless / with ease
lame (unimpressive) / a huge letdown / not to try at all

Sentences with 力