see 綷縩[cui4 cai4]

縩 character breakdown

surname Zhai
to offer a sacrifice to (gods or ancestors) / memorial ceremony / (in classical novels) to recite an incantation to activate a magic weapon / (lit. and fig.) to wield

= + + : The moon (月) decided to visit the space station and meets Joan of Arc (ji) In the space station's bathroom (Ø4). Joan of Arc is full of awe, so she decides to give the moon a sacrifice (祭). She sets up the ceremonial standard (示) and, chanting mysterious songs, sets fire to her favourite boxing glove (又). The moon is quite satisfied with the offering.
"silk" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 120), occurring in 紅|红[hong2], 綠|绿[lü4], 累[lei4] etc / also pr. [mi4]

A silk worm.

Characters with 縩 as component

縩 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 縩

(onom.) sound of friction of fabric

Sentences with 縩

縩 currently does not appear in any sentence.