to count / to count as / to regard as / to enumerate (sb's shortcomings)

= + : Sheldon Shrimp (shu) occupied a lunar mansion (娄) inside of the space station (Ø3) although he knows that it is to be torn down. Outside of his lunar mansion the construction (or rather destruction) workers are already counting (数) down from ten. When they count (数) zero, they will start taking down the whole thing with their sledgehammers (攵).
number / figure / several / CL:個|个[ge4]
frequently / repeatedly

數 character breakdown

surname Lou / one of the 28 lunar mansions in Chinese astronomy

= + : Bessie Coleman (女) invited Sir Lancelot (l) over for dinner in her lunar mansion (娄) in the outhouse's kitchen (ou2). Because Lancelot is extremely hungry, he brings a sack of rice (米) as a present for his host.
variant of 攴[pu1]

= 𠂉 + : Mnemonic symbol: the epitome of rapping and tapping is a sledge hammer. Petra pinguin (pu) forgot her key (𠂉) and know she's locked out of the space station (Ø1). At first she tries to open the lock with pliers (乂), but in the end she has no choice but to use the sledge hammer (攵).

Characters with 數 as component

marsh / gathering place
shake / trembling
basket for draining rice

Words with 數

lit. their number cannot be counted (idiom); fig. countless / innumerable
uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)
not worth mentioning / not worth considering
a binomial coefficient (math.) / the number of combinations
one scare after another (idiom) / in a constant state of tension

Sentences with 數

數 currently does not appear in any sentence.