to disturb

= + : Robinson Crusoe (r) is just about to receive a medal (尤) for his life achievements in the aorta (ao3), but there is someone constantly disturbing (扰) him by bugging him with a toy claw (扌).

扰 character breakdown

surname You
outstanding / particularly, especially / a fault / to express discontentment against

= + : Maud Younger (y) receives a medal (mnemonic symbol for 尤) in the outhouse's kitchen (ou2) for her outstanding (尤) particularly large crutch (尢). The medal has the form of a petal leaf (丶).
"hand" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 64), occurring in 提, 把, 打 etc

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a toy claw.

Characters with 扰 as component

扰 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 扰

to perplex / to disturb / to cause complications
to disturb / to interfere / perturbation / interference (physics)
to disturb / to perturb / to harass
to invade and harass
to disturb / to annoy
unable to put up with (sth) any longer
to alarm oneself unnecessarily (idiom)
infinitesimal disturbance / perturbation (physics)
perturbative expansion (physics)
sorry to interrupt you, but ... / sorry to have bothered you / sorry, I have to go / (slang) (coined c. 2017) used facetiously to terminate a conversation (esp. online) when the other person is being insufferable
to disturb / to harass
bustling / to create trouble / to disturb
spoiler (automotive or aeronautical)
arms and confusion (idiom); turmoil of war
to bother / to trouble / (polite expression of appreciation for time taken to hear, help or host the speaker) sorry to have bothered you / thank you for your time
to disturb by noise
radio interference / RF interference
lit. silly people get their panties in a bunch (idiom) / fig. to get upset over nothing / to make problems for oneself

Sentences with 扰

扰 currently does not appear in any sentence.