to beg for alms / beggar

= + : Guy Fawkes (g) finds a beggar (丐) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). To attract more attention the beggar is begging for alms (丐) while balancing on the top of a ladder (下). Guy Fawkes throws him a coin, but promptly the beggar is hit by a lightning bolt (㇉) because of his high elevation and the metal coin in his hand.
variant of 丐[gai4]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a beggar from ancient Egypt. The beggar from ancient Egypt (匃) found work as an elephant (勹) rider. He rides his elephant through the airplane's bathroom (ai4) while the elephant carries a sarcophagus (亾) with his trunk. He doesn't know that Guy Fawkes (g) secretly sneaked into the sarcophagus to hitch a ride.
variant of 丐[gai4]

丐 character breakdown

down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action

= + : Marie Curie tries to escape from ashram by climbing through the window in the bathroom. To build a ladder, she puts a voodoo staff under a flute.
Character component without intrinsic meaning

Looks a bit like ⚡, thus I'll represent it by a lightning bolt.

Characters with 丐 as component

calcium (chemistry)
variant of 麵|面[mian4]

Words with 丐

beggars' union / a group of beggars

Sentences with 丐

丐 currently does not appear in any sentence.