= + : Mnemonic symbol: a crystal ball which will decide for you.

= + : Gitta Giraffe assumed the throne in the airplanes bathroom. Now she has to decide which tool she will use to enforce her decisions. She asks a crystal ball whether she should use a classical sickle or a rather modern robot.

夬 character breakdown

variant of 乙[zhe2]

Mnemonic symbol: a sickle.

James II of England of England (zh) inspects his new sickle (乛) in the elevator's kitchen (e2).
see 大夫[dai4 fu5]
big; large; great / older (than another person) / eldest (as in 大姐[da4 jie3]) / greatly; freely; fully / (dialect) father / (dialect) uncle (father's brother)

= + : The big (大), huge (大) robot (mnemonic symbol for 大) is working out in the ashram's bathroom (a4). He's lifting a flute (一) to which Don Quixote (d) and Neanderthal man (人) are clinging.

Characters with 夬 as component

rapid / quick / speed / rate / soon / almost / to make haste / clever / sharp (of knives or wits) / forthright / plainspoken / gratified / pleased / pleasant

= + : Karl Koala made the mistake to have asked the crystal ball in the airplane's bathroom about his future. After he has seen his fate he quickly and angrily destroys the crystal ball with a flail.
lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / (coll.) classifier for money and currency units

= + : Karl Koala let the crystal ball drop in the airplane's bathroom. He collected all the pieces and fixed them together again using nothing but dirt. After he asks the crystal ball whether or not everything is okay, the crystal ball replies that Karl is a piece of shit.
surname Wu / area comprising southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Shanghai / name of states in Southern China at different historical periods

= + : Mnemonic symbol: the water buffalo from Wu.

Willy Walrus (w) enters the space station (Ø2) with a big mandarin (口) in his hands. The water buffalo (吴) sees it and begins to pant heavily, slightly in panic. Fortunately there is an angel (天) around to calm him down and let him know that it's not the sun he's fearing.
to decide / to determine / to execute (sb) / (of a dam etc) to breach or burst / definitely / certainly

= + : Just inside the elevator's kitchen, Zeus asks a crystal ball whether he should eat the popsicle he holds in his hand or not. The crystal ball keeps saying no, but because he definitely wants to eat hit he keeps asking again and again.
deficiency / lack / scarce / vacant post / to run short of

= + : Cupid (qu) has almost all pottery pots (缶) of a collection of twelve, but the seventh piece is missing (缺). He asks a crystal ball (夬) I'm front of the elevator (e1): where is the missing piece? The crystal ball replies that he smashed it when he came back totally drunk the night before.
to bid farewell / tricks of the trade / pithy mnemonic formula (e.g. Mao Zedong's 16-character mantra 十六字訣|十六字诀 on guerrilla warfare)
alkyne / also pr. [jue2]
surname Gui
to pick out / to single out
sleeve of a robe
penannular jade pendant

Words with 夬

夬 is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with 夬

夬 currently does not appear in any sentence.