variant of 礙|碍[ai4]
to obtain / old variant of 得[de2]

= + : Symbol for "obtain": A genie from a magic lamp who lets you get everything you want to obtain.

= + : Just inside the elevator's kitchen, Don Quixote asks a genie from a magic lamp to fulfil his only wish: a big mug of coffee to start the day. The genie gives him the thumbs up and hands him a big coffee mug.
to obtain (old variant of 得[de2])

㝵 character breakdown

a unit of length / inch / thumb

= + + : Kitty Cat is playing with a petal leaf in the encampment's bathroom. She's keeping it in the air by hitting it with a flute and a crowbar. It's so much fun that she thinks to herself "thumbs up".
abbr. for 日本[Ri4 ben3], Japan
sun / day / date, day of the month

= + : Robinson Crusoe (r) is hiding from the sun (日) in an enclosure (囗) full of flutes (一) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4).
dawn / morning / daybreak / day / dan, female roles in Chinese opera (traditionally played by specialized male actors)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: A big mug, since many people start the day with a mug of coffee.

Don Quixote (d) meets the sun (日) early in the morning (旦) in the anthill's bathroom (an4). Don Quixote is full of energy and can't wait to start into a new adventure, but since the sun is a morning grouch who only just started drinking her mug of coffee (mnemonic symbol for 旦) she cannot stand it and beats him over the head with a flute (一) to calm him a bit down.

Characters with 㝵 as component

to obtain / to get / to gain / to catch (a disease) / proper / suitable / proud / contented / to allow / to permit / ready / finished

= + : Don Quixote found a magic lamp and rubs it inside the elevator's kitchen. A genie appears and grants Don Quixote his wish for black sneakers. Unfortunately they are second hand and so smelly that Don Quixote instantly catches a disease.
de = d + e5
structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc

= + : Because Don Quixote is so disappointed by the black sneakers he got from the genie from the magic lamp, he kicks both very mad from the rooftop of the elevator.
to have to / must / ought to / to need to

= + : Because Don Quixote kicked the genie's lamp from the rooftop of the Erechtheion as far as to inside of the Eiffel Tower, the genie demands Don Quixote to apologize. Inside of the Eiffel Tower, Don Quixote kowtows to the genie, who takes back the black sneakers he gave to Don Quixote earlier.
to hinder / to obstruct / to block

= + : Albert Einstein (Ø) rubs a lamp in the airplane's bathroom (ai4) and to his surprise a genie (㝵) appears, asking for his wish. Albert recognizes his chance to put one over on the king and asks the genie to summon a large rock (石) to obstruct (碍) the royal toilet.
technetium (chemistry)
(river) / old variant of 得[de2]

Words with 㝵

㝵 is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with 㝵

㝵 currently does not appear in any sentence.