Character component without intrinsic meaning

This one looks like a beak.

㇇ character breakdown

The character ㇇ cannot be broken down into individual components.

Characters with ㇇ as component

water / river / liquid / beverage / additional charges or income / (of clothes) classifier for number of washes

= + + 丿 + : Sheldon Shrimp just climbed the Eiffel Tower. He's really thirsty, so he's glad to find a water fountain. After he quenches his thirst, he also finds a snack: A banana is swimming in the water. He never ate a banana before, so he tries a mix of different methods: Putting on a fake beak to pick on the banana, holding it with a finger and peeling it with a crowbar.
surname Shui
(once) again / also / both... and... / and yet / (used for emphasis) anyway

= + : And once again (又), Maud Younger (y) is preparing for battle. She's donning her boxing glove in the outhouse's bathroom (ou4), puts on a beak (㇇) and plans go give her opponent the finger (㇏).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + + : A cult: I'll represent this with a monk's cowl in other mnemonics.
now / the present time / current / contemporary / this (day, year etc)

= + : A rip off calendar showing today's date: 今

= + : Joan of Arc has changed into half-duck half-human being and lives in a tipi in front of the encampment. With her beak, she shows a rip off calender with the date of Armageddon: today.
to dredge / to clear away obstruction / thin / sparse / scanty / distant (relation) / not close / to neglect / negligent / to present a memorial to the Emperor / commentary / annotation

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: a dredger. Sheldon Shrimp (shu) is operating a dredger (疏) in front of the space station (Ø1). First he clears the way of all the beaks (㇇) and pendant-cups (㐬), then he puts up a barrier (止) to stop the space-road from being obstructed again.
surname Shu
variant of 疏[shu1]

= + : Helga Horse (hu) is working hard pulling a plough (㇆) through the anthill's bathroom (an4), but in her fantasy (幻) she is a dealer at a casino dealing aces (幺) to the players.

Words with ㇇

㇇ is not used as a component in another word.

Sentences with ㇇

㇇ currently does not appear in any sentence.