hey (to call sb)
hey (to express surprise)
hey (to express disagreement)
hey (to express agreement)
sigh (to express regret)

诶 character breakdown

classical final particle, similar to modern 了[le5]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: the finals of a TV show.

Maud Younger (y) made it to the finals of a TV show (矣) and is facing her last challenge in the space station (Ø3). With a fake nose (厶) covering her face she'll have to smell different darts (矢) and guess which dart player had it in his or her hands last.
"speech" or "words" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 149) / see also 言字旁[yan2 zi4 pang2]

Mnemonic symbol: this character looks like a big "i" (like in information), and I'll represent it by an advertising column. Maud Younger (y) gives a speech (讠) standing on top of an advertising column (讠) in the anthill's kitchen (an2).

Characters with 诶 as component

诶 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 诶

to rave / to babble in one's sleep
to laugh loudly / guffaw

Sentences with 诶

诶 currently does not appear in any sentence.