Pinyin "zhi2"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "zhi2" is split up into two parts: "zh" and "Ø2". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "zh"

Zh is for James II of England (詹姆斯二世, zhān​mǔ​sī èr​shì).

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "Ø2"

In the space station's kitchen.

Characters pronounced zhi2

to execute (a plan) / to grasp

= + : Mnemonic symbol: 执照, "license". James II of England (zh) is being held up at the security check in the space station's kitchen (Ø2). They hold a bag of painkillers (丸) they found with a toy claw (扌) in front of him and they ask him to show his drug license (执).
surname Zhi / Zhi (c. 2000 BC), fifth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝[Yan2 di4] descended from Shennong 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2] Farmer God
straight / to straighten / fair and reasonable / frank / straightforward / (indicates continuing motion or action) / vertical / vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: someone straight edge. James II of England (zh) decided to go straight edge (直) in the space station's kitchen (Ø2), and he also decided that this means he won't listen to music anymore. The Eye of Providence (目) promptly plays some music on its flute (一) to tease him, whereupon the James II of England defends himself by holding up a cross (十).
office / duty

= + : James II of England (zh) has to visit the governmental office (职) in the space station's kitchen (Ø2) to ask about his taxes. There's a cuttlefish (只) on duty, and James literally has the cuttlefish's ear (耳).
value / (to be) worth / to happen to / to be on duty

= + : James II of England (zh) joined the straight edge (直) scene, and he decided that everyone else should too. Just inside the space station's entrance (Ø2) he tells any visitor that it's not just worth a try (值), but that anyone who isn't straight edge is not worth (值) entering. Even Rosa Luxemburg (亻) has to get two crosses tattooed on her hands before James II of England thinks she's worth (值) to enter.
to plant

= + : James II of England (zh) decided to go straight-edge (直), so he buried all his drugs in a hole in the space station's kitchen (Ø2) and, as a sign for his new beginning, plants (植) a Christmas tree (木) on top of it.
to grow / to reproduce

= + : The wicked witch (歹) asks James II of England (zh) to reproduce (殖) with her just inside the space station's bathroom (Ø2), but James II of England will only agree if she'll be straight edge (直).
to gather / old variant of 埴[zhi2]
nephew by the male line
variant of 姪|侄[zhi2]
variant of 姪|侄[zhi2]
variant of 蹠[zhi2]
variant of 值[zhi2]
soil with large clay content
pick up / to select
metatarsus / sole of foot / to tread on
early-planted crop