old variant of 野[ye3]
erroneous variant of 野[ye3]
field / plain / open space / limit / boundary / rude / feral

= + : Maud Younger (y) and Zai Yu (予) are having a picnic (野; picnic: 野餐) in the elevator (e3). Zai Yu has a sunflower (里) Maud Younger really wants to have, but although he is fast asleep he holds to the sunflower tightly and won't give (予) it to Maud.

野 character breakdown

(archaic) I / me
to give

= + + + : Mnemonic symbol: Confucius's disciple 宰予 who used to sleep during Confucuis's lectures.

Yu the Great is giving a lecture in the space station, but her only listener Zai Yu fell asleep right at the start. First, Yu the Great tried to poke him with her finger. No reaction. Then she hit him with a crowbar. Again, no reaction. Finally, Yu the Great got so angry that she was close to hitting Zai Yu with two sickles.
variant of 裡|里[li3]
lining / interior / inside / internal / also written 裏|里[li3]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a sunflower. The 田 part looks like the blossom and 土 looks like the stem and leaves. Li Qingzhao (li) wants to put up a field (田) inside (里) the space station's living room (Ø3). First she puts some earth (土) here and there, and then she plants lots of sunflowers (里).
Li (surname)
li, ancient measure of length, approx. 500 m / neighborhood / ancient administrative unit of 25 families / (Tw) borough, administrative unit between the township 鎮|镇[zhen4] and neighborhood 鄰|邻[lin2] levels
(literary) to give

Characters with 野 as component


= + : Sheldon Shrimp (shu) built a villa (墅) in the space station's bathroom (Ø4). To celebrate he has a picnic (野) on the soil (土) in front of his villa.
(Cantonese) thing / matter / stuff

Words with 野

Ueno, district in Taitō Ward, Tokyo / Ueno (Japanese surname)
to step down from office / to go into opposition
Sano (Japanese surname and place name)
Nakano (Japanese surname and place name)
the nine "fields" into which Heaven was anciently divided / the Nine Provinces of ancient China
Boye county in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei
dividing line between distinct realms / boundary / field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)
Boye county in Baoding 保定[Bao3 ding4], Hebei

Sentences with 野

fú fù
This will tame him.