Tu (ethnic group) / surname Tu
earth / dust / clay / local / indigenous / crude opium / unsophisticated / one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]

= + : Tommy Turtle (tu) wants to fix a cross (十) on a flute (一) in the space station's living room (Ø3). He uses dust and clay (土) to hold them together.

土 character breakdown

one / single / a (article) / as soon as / entire; whole; all; throughout / "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) / also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit

Maud Younger (y) forgot her keys to the space station (Ø1), all she brought outside was her flute (一). She has no choice but to crash the door with the giant flute.
ten / 10

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a holy cross. Sherlock Holmes (sh-) is investigating a very strange thing he found in the kitchen of the space station (-2): A big pyramid made of ten (十) crosses (十), which are in turn made out of flutes (一) and dinosaur bones (丨).

Characters with 土 as component

to exist; to be alive / (of sb or sth) to be (located) at / (used before a verb to indicate an action in progress)

= + + : Zorro (z) and Rosa Luxemburg (亻) exist (在) in the airplane's bathroom (ai4). Rosa is in the middle of balancing a flute (一) on her head and on a pile of clay (土). Zorro uses his rapier to inscribe "Z" into the flute, so as to mark that the pronunciation of "在" begins with "z".
surname Wang
king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great

= + : Mnemonic symbol: Martin Luther King. Willy Walrus (wu) is stuck in a heap of dirt (土) in the anglepod's kitchen (ang2). Martin Luther King (王) helps him by holding out a flute (一).
to rule / to reign over
de = d + e5
-ly / structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct
earth / ground / field / place / land / CL:片[pian4]

= + : Dorothy Gale finds the excavator in the space station's bathroom to be covered in clay. She wants to know what happened, but the excavator just shrugs.
to arrive / most / to / until

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: one of these conveyor belts from which you pick up your suitcase when you arrived at an airport. James II of England (zh) finally got the package he was waiting for! He picks it up from the arrivals (至) in the bathroom of the space station (Ø4). In it is a flute (一), which he sticks into his nose (厶). He blows his nose, and boy, does a lot of clay (土) come out! He's glad to have a free nose again.
lining / interior / inside / internal / also written 裏|里[li3]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a sunflower. The 田 part looks like the blossom and 土 looks like the stem and leaves. Li Qingzhao (li) wants to put up a field (田) inside (里) the space station's living room (Ø3). First she puts some earth (土) here and there, and then she plants lots of sunflowers (里).
Li (surname)
li, ancient measure of length, approx. 500 m / neighborhood / ancient administrative unit of 25 families / (Tw) borough, administrative unit between the township 鎮|镇[zhen4] and neighborhood 鄰|邻[lin2] levels
variant of 裡|里[li3]

Words with 土

to bury / buried / interred
aridisol (soil taxonomy)
dry-fried potato slices (Chinese dish)
Huzhu Tuzu Autonomous County in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区[Hai3 dong1 di4 qu1], Qinghai
anthrosol (soil taxonomy)
buried and at rest (idiom); Resquiescat in pacem (RIP)
mortar / concrete / cement
(of a stranger) not accustomed to the climate of a new place / not acclimatized

Sentences with 土