martingale (leather strap in horse harness) / discontented
martingale (part of a horse's harness) / used in 鞅鞅[yang1 yang1]
wooden yoke for a draft ox

鞅 character breakdown

center / end / to beg / to plead

= + : Mnemonic symbol: 中央处理机, central processing unit (CPU).

In front of the anglepod, Maud Younger received her new robot. Soon she is not satisfied with his artificial intelligence; to increase it, she staples a CPU to the center of its chest, although the robot begs her not to do so.
animal hide / leather / to reform / to remove / to expel (from office)

= 廿 + + : Mnemonic symbol: a cow's hide.

Guy Fawkes (g) arrived at the entrance to the elevator (e2) to visit this year's darts grand finale. He is standing right next to the dart board (中) and cheers for his favourite player using a self-made drum. The drum consists of a flower pot (廿) over which Guy stretched a cow's hide (革). He is beating his drum using a flute (一).

Characters with 鞅 as component

鞅 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 鞅

Shang Yang (c. 390-338 BC), legalist philosopher and statesman of the state of Qin 秦國|秦国[Qin2 guo2], whose reforms paved the way for the eventual unification of the Chinese empire by the Qin dynasty 秦朝|秦朝[Qin2 chao2]
Shang Yang's political reform of Qin state 秦國|秦国 of 356 BC and 350 BC, that put it on the road to world domination
lit. kicking up the dust and breaking the harness / fig. to ride like the wind (idiom)
busy / bustling
cattle harnessed for plowing
wooden yoke for a draft ox
(literary) busy (with work etc)
ox harnessed for plowing
dissatisfied; displeased; aggrieved

Sentences with 鞅

鞅 currently does not appear in any sentence.