to jump / to bounce / to hop

= + : Beelzebub (b) is bungee-jumping (蹦) into a cowboy boot (⻊) in the engine's bathroom ((e)ng4) but the bungee cord is too long, so Beelzebub collapses and demises (崩).

蹦 character breakdown

to collapse / to fall into ruins / death of king or emperor / demise

= + : Beelzebub (b) is wearing a huge pair of slippers (朋) in front of the engine ((e)ng1). Suddenly someone sticks a fork (山) in them, and they explode. Beelzebub is so scared that he immediately collapses and demises (崩).
foot / to be sufficient / ample

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a football. Zapatista Zebra (zu) wants to pimp his football (足) in the space station's kitchen (Ø2). He thinks that a few more vitamins wouldn't hurt, so he extracts the vitamins from a mandarin (口) with a syringe (龰) to inject them into his football.
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + : Mnemonic symbol: A big, left cowboy boot with spurs and everything. Zapatista Zebra (zu) wants to enter the space station's kitchen (), but he is hold up at the barrier (止). The spurs at his cowboy boot (⻊) are not safe enough, so he has to stick a mandarin (口) on it to make them safe.

Characters with 蹦 as component

蹦 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 蹦

to leap and frisk about (idiom); lively / healthy and active
glowing with health and vivacity (idiom)
to crop up / to pop up / to emerge abruptly
bungee jumping (loanword)
to hop / to jump
motor tricycle (onom. bang-bang car)
to bounce / to jump / to hop / also variant of 蹦達|蹦达[beng4 da2]
(coll.) to jump about; to be active; to be lively / (coll.) (fig.) to struggle (before succumbing); to be alive and kicking (esp. toward the end of one's life)
erhua variant of 蹦[beng4]

Sentences with 蹦

蹦 currently does not appear in any sentence.