number 20 of the 28 constellations 二十八宿, approx. Orion 獵戶座|猎户座
variant of 嘴[zui3]

= + : Mnemonic symbol: Orion. Orion (觜) is making Zapatista Zebra (zu) lick his boots (此) which have horns (角) attached to their tips. If only he had a few mandarins to put these on the horns, but unfortunately there aren't any. Zapatista Zebra has to be extremely careful to not hurt his mouth (觜).

觜 character breakdown

this / these

= + : These boots are made for walking! The King of Chu cannot get his boots off in the space station. First he tries with the help of a large ladle, then he switches to a big barrier, which finally works.
surname Jue
angle / corner / horn / horn-shaped / unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan, or 10 cents (a dime) / CL:個|个[ge4]

= + : Joan of Arc finds a hurt crane in a corner inside of the aorta. The crane hurt itself with a sharp horn earlier, which is now lying in another corner. Joan of Arc pulls out her first aid kit and administers first aid.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a horn.
role (theater) / to compete / ancient three legged wine vessel / third note of pentatonic scale

= + : Zeus is practising his theatre role just inside the elevator's kitchen: he's gonna play the dying swan. A crane flies by and sees him, thinking Zeus is really dying, and instantly starts administering first aid with a first aid kit he coincidentally carried around.
this; these

Characters with 觜 as component

mouth / beak / nozzle / spout (of teapot etc) / CL:張|张[zhang1],個|个[ge4]

= + : Zapatista Zebra (zu) is roaming the Eiffel Tower (ei3) to look for food. Because the floor is full of horns (觜), he is wearing safety boots (觜). With his lips (嘴) he is forming a long beak (嘴) to look for mandarins (口) between the horns.

Words with 觜

number 20 of the 28 constellations 二十八宿, approx. Orion 獵戶座|猎户座
name of constellation, possibly same as 觜宿
name of constellation, possibly same as 觜宿
lit.camel's lip, horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. to chatter / nonsense / blather
lit. qilin's horn, phoenix's mouth (idiom) / fig. rara avis / rarity

Sentences with 觜

觜 currently does not appear in any sentence.