surname Nie
used in 乜斜[mie1 xie5] / (Cantonese) what?

= + : Marilyn Monroe (mi) is tearing up the floor in front of the elevator (e1) with a shovel (乚) and a plow (㇆) so fast that she has to squint (乜) because of all the dust and debris flying into her face.

乜 character breakdown

component in Chinese characters / archaic variant of 毫[hao2] / archaic variant of 乙[yi3]

Mnemonic symbol: a shovel (乚).

Remember it by imagining Maud Younger (y) digging her own grave with a shovel in the ashram's bathroom (a4).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + : Mnemonic symbol: ㇆ just looks like a plow.

Someone attached a flute to the top of a crowbar to create a new instrument. When the crowbar is bowed with a plow, the vibrations of the crowbar will transfer to the flute, which in turn is producing eerie sounds.

Characters with 乜 as component

(adverb) also; both ... and ... (before predicates only) / (literary) particle having functions similar to 啊[a5]

= + : Maud Younger (y) wants to split a dinosaur bone (丨) in half in the elevator's living room (e3) using the shovel of an excavator (也). She has to squint (乜) her eyes to precisely hit the center point of the dinosaur bone.

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: an excavator. A plow and a shovel are both tools for moving earth, and an excavator can be used to dig up dinosaur bones.

Maud Younger (y) is digging for dinosaur bones (丨) in the elevator's living room (e3). First she used a plow (㇆) to destroy the floor, then she used an excavator (也) to pull out the dinosaur bone surrounded by lots of earth. Finally she uses a shovel (乚) to remove the remaining earth manually so as to not damage the precious dinosaur bone. (The stroke order is ㇆丨乚)

Words with 乜

what? (Cantonese) (Mandarin equivalent: 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])
what? (Cantonese) / Mandarin equivalent: 什麼|什么[shen2 me5]

Sentences with 乜

乜 currently does not appear in any sentence.