surname Nie
used in 乜斜[mie1 xie5] / (Cantonese) what?

= + : Marilyn Monroe (mi) is tearing up the floor in front of the elevator (e1) with a shovel (乚) and a plow (㇆) so fast that she has to squint (乜) because of all the dust and debris flying into her face.

乜 character breakdown

component in Chinese characters / archaic variant of 毫[hao2] / archaic variant of 乙[yi3]

Mnemonic symbol: a shovel (乚). Remember it by imagining Maud Younger (y) shoveling a grave in the ashram's bathroom (a4).
Character component without intrinsic meaning

= + : ㇆ just looks like a plow.

Characters with 乜 as component

(adverb) also; both ... and ... (before predicates only) / (literary) particle having functions similar to 啊[a5]
also / too / (in Classical Chinese) final particle implying affirmation

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: the excavator (as in a person with this job), because a plow and a shovel are both tools for moving earth, and a dinosaur bone is what excavators are digging for.

Maud Younger (y) is helping an excavator (也) in the elevator (e3). Together they are excavating a dinosaur bone (丨): Maud turns the earth with a plow (㇆), while the excavator moves the earth with a shovel (乚).
surname Ye

Words with 乜

what? (Cantonese) (Mandarin equivalent: 什麼|什么[shen2 me5])
what? (Cantonese) / Mandarin equivalent: 什麼|什么[shen2 me5]

Sentences with 乜

乜 currently does not appear in any sentence.