簍 character breakdown

surname Lou / one of the 28 lunar mansions in Chinese astronomy

= + : Bessie Coleman (女) invited Sir Lancelot (l) over for dinner in her lunar mansion (娄) in the outhouse's kitchen (ou2). Because Lancelot is extremely hungry, he brings a sack of rice (米) as a present for his host.
bamboo / CL:棵[ke1],支[zhi1],根[gen1] / Kangxi radical 118

= 𠂉 + + : Julian Giant Squid (zhu) is weaving a bamboo basket (竹) in the space station's kitchen (Ø2). He is using a key (𠂉), a dinosaur bone (丨) and a crowbar (亅) as basis structure and connects the three stays by weaving soft bamboo (竹) around them.

Characters with 簍 as component

簍 is not used as a component in another character.

Words with 簍

a basket carried on the back
see 字紙簍|字纸篓[zi4 zhi3 lou3]
pannier / double basket slung across pack animal

Sentences with 簍

簍 currently does not appear in any sentence.