Pinyin "zhao4"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "zhao4" is split up into two parts: "zh" and "ao4". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "zh"

Zh is for James II of England (詹姆斯二世, zhān​mǔ​sī èr​shì).

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "ao4"

In the aorta's bathroom.

Characters pronounced zhao4

to call together / to summon / to convene / temple or monastery (used in place names in Inner Mongolia)

= + : Mnemonic symbol: an intercom to call everyone together. James II of England (zh) prepares a few mandarins (口) for everyone in the aorta's bathroom (ao4) by cutting them with a cleaver (刀). As he is finished he calls everyone together (召) over the intercom (召) to come over and fetch a piece.
variant of 照[zhao4] / to shine / to illuminate
according to / in accordance with / to shine / to illuminate / to reflect / to look at (one's reflection) / to take (a photo) / photo / as requested / as before

= + : James II of England (zh) is taking photos in the aorta's bathroom (ao4) of his grill (灬) which he wants to sell over the internet. The flash (照) of his camera flashes very bright and clear (昭).
(bound form) omen / to foretell / million; mega- / (Tw) trillion; tera- / (old) billion

= + + : Mnemonic symbol: a vulture, as the ancient Greek observed vultures and deducted omens from their behavior. James II of England (zh) wants to know whether his coronation and his proposed eight-year plan is under a good omen (兆) and watches a vulture (兆) inside of the aorta's bathroom (ao4). In fact the vulture is ridden by Sun Wukong (儿) who is fighting a mean crocodile (丷) by throwing eight-balls (八) at it. The crocodile easily smashes the eight-balls with its large jaw. James II of England deduces that this is not a very good omen.
surname Zhao
surname Zhao / one of the seven states during the Warring States Period (476-220 BC) / the Former Zhao 前趙|前赵[Qian2 Zhao4] (304-329) and Later Zhao 後趙|后赵[Hou4 Zhao4] (319-350), states of the Sixteen Kingdoms

= + : James II of England (zh) uses a pair of pliers (乂) to cut the walking sticks (走) of any Tom, Dick or Harry (张王李赵) who is walking through the aorta's bathroom (ao4).
to surpass (old)
at first / devise / originate
the start / the origin
cover / fish trap (basket) / shade

= + : James II of England (zh) wants to make a cover (罩) for his banjo (卓). In the aorta's bathroom (ao4) he crafts a cover using an old fishing net (罒).
imperial order
variant of 櫂|棹[zhao4]
surname Zhao
oar (archaic) / scull / paddle / to row / a boat
name invented for herself by Tang empress Wu Zetian 武則天|武则天[Wu3 Ze2 tian1]