Pinyin "suo1"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "suo1" is split up into two parts: "su" and "o1". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "su"

Su is for Susan Saint Bernard.

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "o1"

In front of the observatory.

Characters pronounced suo1

to withdraw / to pull back / to contract / to shrink / to reduce / abbreviation / also pr. [su4]

= 宿 + : The silk worm (纟) heard that there is a new hostel (宿) in front of the observatory (o1) and wants to check it out, but as she notices that the hostel is run by Susan Saint Bernard she slowly but steadily retreats (缩).

= + : Susan Saint Bernard (su) set up a large net made of ropes (索) in front of the observatory (o1) to catch mandarins (口). When she catches a mandarin with a rope she pulls it towards her and sucks (嗦) the life out of the mandarin.
see 莎草[suo1 cao3] / see 摩莎[mo2 suo1]
shuttle (textiles) / to move back and fro
carboxyl radical (chemistry)
to suck / to incite

= + : Susan Saint Bernard (su) thought she had wicked wuxia skills (夋) but she sucks (唆) juggling even one mandarin (口) in front of the observatory (o1).
(phonetic) / see 婆娑[po2 suo1]
rain coat made of straw etc
variant of 蓑[suo1]
horse chestnut / Stewartia pseudocamellia (botany)
uneven / unsteady (in dancing)
to suck / Taiwan pr. [shuo4]
feel / to fondle
variant of 挲[suo1]
to throw a glance at / to peer at / Taiwan pr. [jun4]
walk carefully