Pinyin "ke4"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "ke4" is split up into two parts: "k" and "e4". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "k"

K is for Karl Marx.

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "e4"

In the elevator's bathroom.

Characters pronounced ke4

used in 可汗[ke4 han2]
subject / course / CL:門|门[men2] / class / lesson / CL:堂[tang2],節|节[jie2] / to levy / tax / form of divination

= + : Karl Marx (k) notices an advertising column (讠) in the elevator's bathroom (e4). He decides to teach these capitalists a lesson (课) and throws grapes (果) at the ads, messing them all up. That'll teach them!
customer / visitor / guest

= + : Karl Marx (k) is receiving a visitor in the elevator's bathroom (e4). His guest is wearing a graduation cap (宀) and a dress made of stars (各).
to be able to / to subdue / to restrain / to overcome / gram / Tibetan unit of land area, about 6 ares

= + : Karl Marx and Sun Wukong both tried to change the world. After they both failed, they went crazy, and now they have to retreat into a cloister in the elevator's bathroom wearing straitjackets.

= + : Mnemonic symbol: a straitjacket
Ke (c. 2000 BC), seventh of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝[Yan2 di4] descended from Shennong 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2] Farmer God
variant of 克[ke4] / to subdue / to overthrow / to restrain
abbr. for 克羅地亞|克罗地亚[Ke4 luo2 di4 ya4], Croatia / (Tw) abbr. for 克羅埃西亞|克罗埃西亚[Ke4 luo2 ai1 xi1 ya4], Croatia
variant of 剋|克[ke4]
quarter (hour) / moment / to carve / to engrave / to cut / oppressive / classifier for short time intervals

= + : Mnemonic symbol: an engraver.

The boar cannot believe it when it meets Karl Marx in the elevator's bathroom! Bewildered it asks for an autograph but has nothing except for a kitchen knife and an engraver. It takes Karl Marx a quarter of an hour to engrave his message in the kitchen knife: "Dear boar, keep on fighting capitalism! Yours, Karl."
variant of 嗑[ke4]
krypton (chemistry)
surname Ke
respectful / scrupulous
variant of 恪[ke4]
cave / cavern / also pr. [ke1]
to crack (seeds) between one's teeth