Pinyin "kao4"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "kao4" is split up into two parts: "k" and "ao4". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "k"

K is for Karl Marx.

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "ao4"

In the aorta's bathroom.

Characters pronounced kao4

to lean against or on / to stand by the side of / to come near to / to depend on / to trust / to fuck (vulgar) / traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)

= + : Karl Marx changed the aorta's bathroom into a photo laboratory and is experimenting with a long negative. He wants to develop it into a movie, so he set up a LED display leaning against the wall and put the negative on top of it. As his messages run across the LED display he hopes that the negative will develop into a video, broadcasting his messages of revolution to the whole world: if you want to save the people, rely on the worker's party!
shackles / fetters / manacle
to reward or comfort with presents of food, drink etc