Pinyin final: "(e)n5"

The Pinyin final "(e)n5" is used in the second half of Pinyin syllables. In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the second half of a Pinyin syllable is always represented by a location. You can visit the Pinyin index to see all Pinyin syllables from this mnemonic group, or to see all Pinyin syllables "(e)n5" can appear in.

Mnemonics for (e)n5

On the encampment's roof.

Characters with (e)n5

plural marker for pronouns, and nouns referring to individuals

= + : Rosa Luxemburg and Mahatma Gandhi are fighting on top of the Erechtheion. Rosa thinks it will be an easy win, but she didn't see the trap door in the floor yet.
interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement

= + : Albert Einstein (Ø) and René Descartes (恩) had an argument on the roof of the encampment ((e)n5). René wants to be friends again with Albert and hands him a mandarin (口) as a present, and Albert just answers "嗯" as he accepts the gift.