Pinyin "tu1"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "tu1" is split up into two parts: "tu" and "Ø1". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "tu"

Tu is for Tommy Turtle.

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "Ø1"

In front of the space station.

Characters pronounced tu1

to dash / to move forward quickly / to bulge / to protrude / to break through / to rush out / sudden / Taiwan pr. [tu2]

= + : Tommy Turtle (tu) is painting cave paintings (穴) onto the saint bernard dog (犬) while he is sleeping in front of the space station (Ø1), but suddenly (突) the saint bernard dog wakes up and dashes (突) at Tommy Turtle after he quickly finds out what Tommy did to him.
to stick out / protruding / convex / male (connector etc) / Taiwan pr. [tu2]

Tommy Turtle (tu) is installing a convex (凸) lens to the outer hull of the space station (Ø1). The lens is so convex that Tommy Turtle is unable to embrace it with his arms.
bald / blunt

= + : Tommy Turtle (tu) once had a lot of very dense hair, but one day he was sitting at a small table (几) in front of the space station (Ø1) eating a bowl of cereals (禾), and after he finished the cereals all his hair came off and he became a bald (秃) donkey.
old variant of 禿|秃[tu1] / bald