Pinyin "ting2"

In MandarinBanana's mnemonic system, the Pinyin syllable "ting2" is split up into two parts: "ti" and "(e)ng2". You can visit the Pinyin index to see how other Pinyin syllables are split up into initials and finals.

Mnemonics for Pinyin initial "ti"

Ti is for Mother Teresa.

Mnemonics for Pinyin final "(e)ng2"

In the engine's kitchen.

Characters pronounced ting2

pavilion / booth / kiosk / erect

= + + + : Mother Teresa is sitting in a kiosk just inside the engine's kitchen. All she has for sale is a beret, a mandarin, a cooking top and a nail.
to stop / to halt / to park (a car)

= + : Every morning Rosa Luxemburg parks her car right in front of Mother Teresa's kiosk in the engine's kitchen, and every morning Mother Teresa has the car town away.
palace courtyard

= + : Mother Teresa (ti) builds her own private courtyard (廷) out of four go-boards (廴) in the engine's kitchen ((e)ng2). To be specific, she builds the courtyard for her cat o' nine tails (壬).
main hall / front courtyard / law court

= 广 + : Mother Teresa (ti) wants to one-up her palace courtyard (廷) for the cat-o-nine tails in the engine's kitchen ((e)ng2). She upgrades it to the main hall (庭) by covering the walled courtyard with a parachute (广) as canopy.
clap of thunder
see 蜻蜓[qing1 ting2]
Draba nemerosa bebe carpa
stagnant water
stalk of grass
bamboo pole / spindle
to bump
(insect) / Leptogaster basiralis
used in 蜻蝏[qing1 ting2]