jin1 =
ji + (e)n1

simplified left radical form of 金 | add a mnemonic for this meaning of

Mnemonic symbol: a golden harpoon.

Jeanne of Arc guards the Tiananmen Square against heretics with a golden harpoon. - Mnemonic by Matthias, over 2 years ago | add a painting

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appears as component in

has no simplified variant.

is not part of the HSK.

Pronunciation: Gorodish elements and their mnemonics (what's this?)


Jeanne d'Arc - Mnemonic by Matthias, over 4 years ago | add a painting

Image by Matthias,
almost 4 years ago

In front of the Forbidden City - Mnemonic by Matthias, about 4 years ago | add a painting

Image by Matthias,
about 4 years ago

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